Need advice ASAP

Hi everyone! Hope Saturday has started off well for you all. Ok, I am in the need of some serious advice/support/help. I am very nervous about today... I am having a wedding shower thrown for me at my soon -to-be mother-in-laws and know that there is going to be mounds of horrible food there. Their house is a place that I seem to lose control with my eating when I'm there. The other problem with this is that once I get back home, I will have the place to myself for the afternoon. I am planning on going to the gym when I get back in town (the shower's about 45 min away) but that's the only distraction I have.

Needless-to-say, words of encouragement are very much needed this morning!

Thank you all,



This is what I want you do to. When you get there, and look at all the food, ask I hungry? If you are take some things and then leave the food. Socialize with others and have a good time! That's what you're there for. Try to avoid taking leftovers too, if you know that you'll end up binging, then purging since you'll be alone.
Once you get home, take a couple breaths. Go to the gym if you want, but there are other distractions too. Go for a nice walk outside to contemplate your thoughts. Think through the reasons why you want to binge. Is it worth it?
You could also try listening to music or writing in a journal. Sometimes even a hot/cold shower helps.
Do you have a garden? See if your plants need some tending to.
You could try cleaning too.

This doesn't have to be hopeless. THINK things through. You can do it :) just keep telling yourself "NO!" say it out loud, scream it! "NO I WILL NOT BINGE!" "I DO NOT NEED TO"
You can beat this...just take it days at a time...hours if you need to.

I believe you can get through this day binge free
Do you believe in yourself?

Paige xoxo

Hi Paige.... thank you for the wonderful post!!! I didn't stick to my plan like I would have liked to however, I was ok with it and didn't allow it to control my day so that's 1 for 2. Thank you again, I love your post..... made my day!


Hey Jamie,

Glad to hear things didn't go too bad at the shower and you didn't let it get your day down :) Your wedding should be a happy time and you deserve all the love, happiness and fun in the world!

Keep working hard,

Be patient with yourself...

I've had bouts with various eating disorders: Anorexia, Bulimia and Exercise Bulimia.

Meditation and Yoga (among other things) have helped me overcome my issues.

I'm not trying to make light of Bulimia and this may sound silly, but I have to share...

What "other things" helped cure me of Bulimia? [attempting to purge] Rice Crispies!

(( Have you ever gotten a soggy Rice Crispy stuck in your nose? ))

I hope that helps ... a little. :-)

Be Well & Love Yourself!


do you have someone you can call at this time--or something you can bring with you to disotract you? i always have my MP3 player handy --ha...

or a book or ---someone you can talk to??? or somewhere you can go afterwards to get your mind off your ED? like a coffeshop even? or a park?


I am not sure how others feel about this, but it does seem to be helping me with my urges. I take SlimQuick, just to keep my appetite down, so that I can control the initial over-eating urge. It is honestly not even about losing any weight now, just a means to keep the cycles to a minimum. Wish you well in your fight.