Need advice . Seen a man for about 5 months I liked him

Need advice . Seen a man for about 5 months I liked him and we had stuff in common, started to wonder was it serious or just friends now I wonder was i even a friend . A few weeks ago i told him i had a procedure had stitches and light activity for a couples of weeks . I put him to the test If he loved me he would be around . Not heard from him since, he never did text anyone much anyway. IF he contacts me how should I bring up the subject nicely what do i mean to him? Dose he care about me or do I have my uses?

Your first mistake was "testing" him. It's pretty universal that guys don't like games, or being jerked around like that. To be honest, that's a massive red flag if he found out you said something to test him to see if he loved you after 5 months. As for if you're dealing with a medical issue, nothing would keep someone who truly cared about you away. At the very least, he'd be checking in on you of his own accord because he wants to know if you're feeling alright and would probably want to bring you something to eat at dinner. If all you got was radio silence after telling him you're convalescing, well, he probably ain't the one.

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I told him I had the procedure.Thats the last time we spoke so is he contacts me in the next week or 2 when he knows I am better chances are he is only after 1 thing .

He was lovely and had manners. But I think its partly the issue of been single so long and not many friends.. Had to go to a hospital alone today came out traumatised .