Need help and advise

does any body know how to come after having a hystorectomy i feel so depressed all the time is that a normal feeling my doctor says it will pass but its been 4 months now and i still feel this way and does any body know of any support groups that run in australia that i might be able to go too please help me frm you will never

you will never

hi hon no i dont know any support groups for this problem in oz

have u explored the idea that it might just be a mental block at the moment with the op being so recent, for many its a huge thing to take in and all the ramifications could be hindering u gettin back to how u were

have u discussed this in full with your doctor i know sometimes its embarrasing to have to ask intimate questions but at least u will be able to find out where to go and get further help

im not sure if there are any online sights u can read up on the subject but there are bound to be some somewhwere

keep smiling and enjoying your sex life

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

hi no i hadent thought that i could just be my system still getting back to normal il ask my doctor next time i see her she might be able to shed so light on the situation thanks for help hope you have a fab christmas and new year take care .regards you will never.

you will never

sometimes the simplest answers are the right ones hon

and u have a great xmas as well and im sure in the new year the plumbing will be working again

till then

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

thanks i hope so i always try to think positive its all i can do to keep my self sane thanks heaps for your help, you will never

you will never

most of feel like that hon, but when things normally stop for now reason its often just the body, brain catching up

let me know how it goes

as always loving thoughts and positive vibes
D :)

ok thanks hope so its driving me nuts hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year.

Hello. I had mine at age 27. I didnt want to but had too. I went into a major depression over it. I talked to my doctor who adjusted my hormones. That helped but it didnt cure it. After a while I saw the cutest baby and found myself in the baby section of walmart sobbing. I then realized that I was not ok with the thought that I felt less female because I would not be pregnant ever again nor have any more children. It took me breaking to be able to get up again. My advice make a list of all the good and bad things due to the hysterectomy. I did. It was very revealing. I hope this helps you some. Good luck!

Empty Womb - Aching Heart by Marlow Shalesky (sp?)
Excellent book.

I had my hysterectomy at 32. I have to say it was the best surgery I ever had and for many reasons.

One, my physical health was better. My last period lasted for 37 days and it wasn't normal either. I was going through an overnight pad AND super tampon just about every 1-2 hours. I thought I was dying.

I went into my doctor begging for a hysterectomy. I already knew I had a deformed uterus and infertility treatments were unsuccessful as well. I knew I would never bear children.

Having my hysterectomy put me at ease knowing I could finally have closure on my losing battle with infertility. I was finally at peace with being a barren woman.

You do go through depression afterwards. Especially when people tell you "you're still a woman even without your uterus".

What I wanted to say to that person was, "No kidding! I had my uterus removed not a sex change!"

People mean well when they offer unsolicited and pointless advice. They just don't know what to say.

My quote to people about having had my hysterectomy?
"It's the best surgery I ever had. I just traded my "nursery" in for a new "play room". " (wink)

After my hysterectomy I was depressed for quite a long time. Sometimes it's your reaction to the surgey. Sometimes if you've also had your ovaries removed & you're pushed into premature menopause it might take a while longer. Don't be embarrassed to talk to your Dr. about anything. I had to talk to mine about some REALLy embarassing things even a year after mine. Wish I'd done so sooner, so did my husband. Your body goes through all kinds of emotional & physical changes once you have this surgery.

Starhope, how long did it take for you to feel “normal” again? What kind of emotional and physical changes did you go through?

thanks heaps for your advice.

Hoping your DR appt went well.

thanks hope you have a great day as well take care and thanks heaps for your support.

I know exactly how you feel. I had a hysterectomy eight years ago. I had a complete hysterectomy. That put me into instant menopause. I had a rough time with depression and major mood swings. I suffered hot flashes and the whole nine. My temper was so bad, I ended up getting into fights. It was horrible. I eventually had to go on HRT. I am so much better now. My question is how long does menopause last? Does anyone know?

Hey there.

I had a 3 stage hysterectomy…
The first was in 2003 (I was 29) where the uterus and diseased tissue was removed along with the fallopian tubes.
Second stage was in 2005 where the left ovary was removed after the disease returned and ultimately killed the ovary.
The third (and hopefully final) stage was June 2010 where the right ovary was removed.

At the age of 36 I am now in full blown medically induced menopause and on HRT. It’s a pain.
The hot flashes are sometimes unbearable, the depression and moodswings are just atrocious.

Menopause is different for all women. Some have it easy, and some have it hard.
My Doc hasn’t given me an ‘end date’ for mine, but that’s pretty much because I’ve had so many surgeries to try and get rid of the diseased cells etc…I have effectively been in menopause since 2003, and unfortunately it hasn’t shown any signs of slowing down just yet.

All I can say is good luck and stay strong…if you want to chat about anything, feel free to let me know :slight_smile:


according to my doctor menapause can last for several years every one is different my mum went through it for 7 years before it was all over and finished by so can last for a while i started a stage which they call peri menapause at age 40 years and im still going through it now and im 47 and at moment have not hit full blown menapause as yet.

you will never

how u coping now?

love D:)

yeah im coping ok as well as can be expected i have my ups and downs but yeah ok thanks.

thanks for all your advice il keep it all in mind and see how i go things are pretty much the same but im still going on