Need Help, basically no insurance!

Hi there,
I have been anorexica for 15 years been hospitalized too many times to list like over 100, regular, psychiatric and eating disorder and still having major issues. I have medicare for insurance and have used up my entire 190 psychiatric days per lifetime so therefore I can't get into an eating disorder program that I really need. for the past 3 months I have been in and out of regular and psychiatric hospitals but no longer can get into a psychiatric hospital. I am at a critical point and a regular hospital won't treat anorexia unless you are having medical issues at this point I don't just very low weight. I don't know what to do as I need treatment, regular and psychiatric hospitals don't cut it as you don't get the necessary therapy and treatement..I can't get into eating disorder programs as I am on disability with basically no income as it all goes to the hundreds of times I have been hospitalized..So if anyone has any ideas. I do go to regular eating disorder therapy every other week as that also isn't covered through insurance and have a psychiatrist (really no help just writes scripts for meds) So if anyone has suggestions, ideas etc I need to get into a Eating disorder program that is longer than like 2-3 weeks as those have proven to be ineffective for me..

Oh dear, i wish i could help , but i have only 2 tips:
1- try visiting the nearest churche, and discuss your status there and sure they will give a hand or even a loan.

20 visit this website:it is OA it is a free organisation for overeating,bulimia, and anorexia :

find the nearest meeting, and all services,books, meetings and sponsors are free.

I hope this might help yo dear.

Have a good day..xoxoxo