NEED HELP! Giant hole in my chest

I am new to the group. My wife just left. Today. A few hours ago. I feel breathless, lost, dazed and confused. Devastated. She has said she was unhappy for a long time-boxed in and wanting her space. She tied in her moving away to going to a school. We knew it was coming, and now it has come to pass. Now I am reduced to questions such as, how do I get to sleep tonite without her next to me? How do I get out of bed tomorrow morning? What do I do in the next hour? How do I carry on alone without the love of my life? Will I always feel this lonely and...missing such a large part of me? Will it get better? Does time in fact heal something as crushing as this? How do I make it through my days?

I'm sorry you are going through this right now. Do you have anyone that can be with you at this time? Surround yourself with good friends, family, etc. Just know that you will make it through this. I know you are hurting, but keep talking to others and keep yourself busy. You WILL make it through this!! I PROMISE!!!;)

I replied to you on Divorce site, Jennicas Post.

I know from expeanice,time does make things better. I am very sorry for you're loss.I know exactly how it feels,when a loved one walks out.I am newley divorced also as of last week,but seperated since June.I wasen't so fortnate to see it even comeing,my now ex husband didn't have the decenty to tell me face to face,he just text messaged me one day after work and said he wase't comeing home,and that was that.After that our marriage was deffinity broken.I will say sleepless nights are not unuswall at first and things may seem right now like they will never get better...but I promise in time they will...just give it time.Hang in there and know you have this support group to reach out to!Try and stay strong!(((HUGS)))

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Sometimes we blame other for abandoning or leaving us alone, but the question that I always make to myself is if “I” want to be with myself. I want to make myself clear here, because I don’t want you to misunderstand me. By no means I am saying or implying that it is your fault that she left. Sometimes it is just like it is… you just don’t belong to each other. But one thing is for sure: “you belong to yourself”. Now, you can avoid being with yourself and distract yourself by doing things, etc. But, that emptiness that you feel is something missing in you. Stop looking elsewhere and look inside. Learn how to enjoy yourself and people around you will feel your joy. It is so nice when two persons get together not because they need each other, but because they want to be with each other. Don’t expect others to love you when you do not love yourself. Take this time to make peace with yourself and to know you better. You need to fall in love with you, not in a narcissistic way, but in a sane way.

Don't worry about her anymore. You need to focus on yourself. This will all come to pass