Need help! I tried to committ suicude about 3 1/2 weeks ago

Need help! I tried to committ suicude about 3 1/2 weeks ago and ended up in the hospital for a week. I'm trying very hard to stay positive and focus on my mental health. But, my husband has been on and off just about every day extremely short and mean tone of voice to me. I found out he seeked out advise about my depression to a complete stranger and became friends on Facebook and then they text each other for a week or so. He lied to me at first buy I caught him. He finally told me the truth 6 hours later. I was in the hospital fighting for my life and he was texting a random lady for advise on depression?? I just don't trust him anymore. I'm feeling really depressed again. Pleas someone help me.

Hi Jessica, welcome to Support Groups.

Hi there! Thank you!

Yes, I'm in therapy abd taking antidepressants. It's little triggers that get me down. My husband says he is supportive but I feel like he is not. I also feel like I burden him with my issues.

Yes, I have. He is constantly apologizing for being mean. I know it takes time for people to change their thought process, as I too and trying to br more positive in my life. He just seems irritated with me all the time. And the fact that he reached out on Facebook to a random lady to get advise about depression and now they have each other's phone numbers is very concerning to me.