Need help with anonymous 7 question survey regarding skin conditions and emotional wellness

My name is Scott and I am a 4th year student interested in dermatology. I have a 7-question anonymous survey regarding skin conditions (especially chronic conditions like rosacea) and emotional wellness. Please reply to this post if you are willing to help me out. I appreciate your time.

Wishing you well. God bless you.

I'd be glad to answer any questions.

Scott, I have rosacea and would be glad to help.,

hi Scott, any advise on rosacea, I like to use the most naturally method as possible if you can help? thank you

I also have rosacea I was told in 2009 that I have it. I have mine under control. I can help u a lot just let me know. what u need to know.

are you around sweetangel, i have just got rosacea and my nose is already getting bulbous.... seriously need some advice here please?