Need help with day to day thought processing (or) view… (read further pls)

I have a lot of issues, addiction, poor family, no permanent shelter, sleep issues etc…
I’ve learnt to deal with them, more or less, while trying to do better,
However, i can’t control my mind, i usually operate 24/7 with self hypnosis “clear head & do”,
Which has been helpful, However i break down every other day, as its exhausting…
Pls suggest me a day to day, present, strict yet flexible process of mind?, i don’t know what to call it…
But yeah, i will appreciate your help, thanks a lot.
Have a good day.

Hmm, trying to think, what about a daily mantra, such as, today is my day, I am in charge, my past doesn’t control me, I am in charge, my present is for me to make, my future is in my hands.

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Thanks, I’ll try that with a little tweak…

Sure, that just sort of came to mind, but the great things about mantras are they are totally personal.

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Yeah, but they can be less effective over time, so u have to go for new ones… w simpler yet same msg…

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have you given though to the fact that you cant control everything. You can only control yourself and how you react to things. The rest of the stuff, you can’t control, one needs to let it go. I find that is easier at times to think that way myself, especially when i start to struggle with some things in the day to day of my life.

When I am feeling stressed out or depressed or any way that just kind of feels off (which is kind of all the time) I like to remind myself that “I am always exactly where I am meant to be in this life, and that any situation or emotion that is presented to me, good or bad, has come to me for a reason. Struggle is what keeps us moving”

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I’ll try that out… although i hope that doesn’t incapacitates me… which it sometimes does, when ur in a rut… & just struggling & not moving forward or any other direction.