Need Help with Understanding

I have tried everything, diet,,pills,,allergy. unless you have this you can't understand how bad you hurt.
I did find a Dr. in Ormand Beach, Fl that is treating people for viral infections. Is having some success.. I am out of money. Dr. have cleaned me out. and not done anything to really help me. I am tired, in pain, and to beat it all the meds they give you make you want to kill yourself. What the hell, how can we get better? is the no hope for us.
My family and friends do not understand. i have had every test, all come back normal. How can this be. Something is terrible wrong. Why can they not know. I am at the end of my rope.
I am afraid, I am single and have no one to help me. I go to work dying in pain. because i have to. My fibro fog is like i am spaced out all of the time. I don't take care of things i was on top of.. I have interest but can't do them, because I am in Pain and fogged out.
Anyone Have any ideas. would be happy to here them

i know what you are going thru. i also have fibo and don't get any support here at home they all belive that i should be able to do everything that i use to and that is not the case. i feel so tired and have pains that i and the docs can not explain. it is all so stressful and i have to wonder with each new pain should i go see the doc or is this yet another far as any advice i am sorry i don't have any for i am looking for some myself but i wanted to let you know that you are not alone and after looking at all the post i am very happy yet very saddened that there are so many people who have this. happy cause i know no that its not in my head and saddened cause i hate that so many people have to suffer the same pain. i will be here if you need to talk, cause if your like me you try to talk about it but no one will listen.