Need help!

Hello everyone, I found this site doing a search of things online about shopping addiction. I have an addiction to shopping....there I said it....It has taken me over 6years to say that. Due to the death of my mother in 2004, I took that and thought that shopping would cure the void that I had. It has just gotten me into a financial mess. To compensate for my shopping addiction, I was taking money from my previous employer and she found out and of course fired me. I have agreed to pay all the money back, and she has agreed to this offer, and is not pressing charges. That I am very thankful for. I need to turn my life around, and I need to talk to other people that have this shopping addiction like me.....

sweetjrgal008 - it sounds like you know why you have the addiction and you recognize you have a problem, which is a big deal and from here you can help yourself to overcome this. have you thought about going to therapy for help? maybe try talking to a therapist that can help you learn the best steps to overcome shopping addiction. be proud that you have come this far and realized your problem.

It is frustrating---I too spend and spend--go in for one thing and end up with 20! I hear that getting rid of the checkbook and credit cards are the next thing to do after recognizing you have a problem....I'm going to try this! I's going to be hard as it is Christmas time and that means SPENDING
I will continue to check on you and see how you are doing!! Good luck!

Best thing to do is take all the credit cards and checks out of your wallet...Use only cash...establish a budget because even though we admit we have a problem, we cannot avoid spending money for the necessary items for living, like food and shelter.....I have an envelope in my bag that has cash in it, I have a certain budget for groceries, I cannot use anything but cash, I have to think about what I need to buy to feed my family for the month....Im getting good at using coupons and looking for items on sale that I need, not items that I want.....Even though it's grocery shopping, it's still shopping and as addicts, we have to really watch ourselves....If you create a plan for yourself, it makes you feel in can do this! Good luck and keep coming to the support groups website!