Need someone to talk to asap please message

hey i just need someone to talk to about anyyyything caus i get in theses funks when i have no one to talk to and im getting close to the edge, if u wanna tell me about u or me tell u about me or we talk about anything, please message me

How are you tonight why do you feel soo down

I am a 34 year old mother married who raises two autistic kids married to a third shifter

Tell me about yourself

hey thanx for the messages, i really appratate it, im feelin a bit better now, feel free to message me if u have anything you want to talk about or just to talk :)

Yes so I have some of the same issues with severe depression I do know what you are going through tell me about yourself

What gets me through each day is the power of God he protects me always and listens I raise two kids who have adhd real bad and cannot sit still they are very aggressiive fight with eachother all of the time. Stilll I love them so very much I just wish I could find parent groups for autism in michigan.

i have adhd too if you need any tips or wanna talk about them at all im all ears

or all eyes? haha

What med works well for chilldren with adhd what do u take

just be careful with meds, i tried a lot of different ones 2nd to 8th grade and they made me not want to talk to anyone and ill feeling, try low doses and getting them off as soon as they are ready, i did very well in high school and now in college with out them but still struggle with certain things

My daughter is 8 and takes focolin and my son is being just today weaned off of Tenex it makes him so angry and he is 10 years old

heres a post i read that i thought was helpful

Being an adult that grew up with ADHD when it was known as "hyperactive pain in the butt", I found that most adults had no idea how to deal with me, so they spent most of their time punishing me. To me, it was incredibly frustrating to be punished for something that I felt wasn't my fault and not under my control, like being punished for having blue eyes. I was constantly being sent to the principal's office, suspended, and even sent from one school to another. Needless to say that this poor treatment never garnered the results they wanted and only lead me to resent both them and authority figures in general.

I finally graduated from college with my bachelor's, and here are a few of the things I felt were essential in that feat:

1. SMARTPHONE. My smartphone is my lifeline. As soon as I see or hear a date/time that I need to be somewhere or doing something, I immediately put it into my phone. When it's time, it yells at me!

2. STAGING. I stage everything I need in places where I need them. For example, if I need to take something with me when I leave the house, I place it next to the door so that I have to practically trip over it on the way out of the house.

3. QUIET TIME. I schedule 1 hour a day of "quiet time", usually in the morning after breakfast. This time of the day all electronic devices are turned off; phone, tv, radio, etc. The room should be as plain as possible and even be without a window if possible. The idea is to have an environment where there is absolutely no stimulus and nothing to do except read, meditate, do homework, etc. Libraries typically have study rooms that are perfectly suited.

4. MINIMALISM. I keep all of my spaces as simple clutter free as possible (room, car, desk, etc). Chaotic environments evoke a chaotic mind.

5. PARTICIPATION. If you are doing something like cooking dinner, ADHD kids LOVE to be helpful and are dying to do stuff for you. Show him the potatoes and ask him if he can give them the "perfect peel". I bet you that he'd love nothing more than to show you how perfectly those potatoes could be peeled.

6. SENSE MODALITIES. Engage all his senses and you will have his undivided attention. Sight, sound, smell, touch, movement; these are all ways to engage every part of him and bring him into any subject he needs to study. One way of doing this is to get a big whiteboard and let him do his homework on it. It's basically a big wall to "think onto". Math and conceptualizing essays now engages sight, imagination, body movement, and encourages lively discussion (sound).

I hope some of this helps.

Thank you so much I will try some of these except for' the daughter and son do not- know how to read or write yet but thankyou wonderful info you are very smart. Now about you what could' I help you with I may not have an answer but I might.

im actually doing better, helping people makes me feel better and ive been talking to others and listening to music :)

Anyway you take care God bless you been good for lending me some advice I enjoy this. SG it has been very helpful I am so glad to have found this site anyway good night and stay positive.

no prob thanx for your help too, god bless and good luck to you :) stay positive also :)