Need to motivate to keep moving

the weather is so cold and i feel like that’s giving me another excuse to not work out. anyone have any tips to keep moving in the winter? trying to come up with some other things to do to mix it up.

If possible, try sticking to a specific time of the day, obviously this depends on your schedule, but i look at working out like an appointment....I dont miss appointments do you?

any chance of doing indoor stuff? some weights or body weight exercises, dvds, getting home equipment?

map out a weekly routine that involves different types of exercise to keep you interestes, to prevent boredom. if necessary ask a trainer (in your gym?) for advice or a programme (gyms should give them for free as part of the membership) or if you can afford financially or timewise set up a regular session with a trainer or a friend to keep you on the ball and to monitor progress. seeing that you achieve small milestones (and it doesn't have to be weight loss but can be increased stamina, strength etc) is one of the biggest motivators!

good luck!

thanks you guys! i was doing really well and was running regulary cause i did a half marathon (my first ever, it was really hard but really good). now since then i just lacked motivation.

you are right about appointments, i don't miss those so maybe i will try and do it in the morning so that i have the rest of the day and won't find an excuse to miss it.

morning i find the easiest too, at least for cardio. just getting it over and done with :-)

wow, half marathon, amazing! well done on that!!


oh thank you! i actually cried when i finished cause i never thought i would be able to do it, so i am happy that i accomplished that. its just so weird how now that that’s over i kind of went back to my old ways of barely working out ever. thanks for the advice!

i would have cried too, for sure :-)
i'm sure you'll get your motivation back. i'm usually addicted to working out and sports but nowadays my depression is o bad it's hard to even keep that up. but i still force myself to do it cause i know i always feel better afterwards. it's so energizing and elating like nothing else (at least to me, lol)

is there anything going on in your life right now that might have caused you to slip back to old ways?

Half marathon? I'm impressed! Maedi, I also find morning work outs to suit my needs best also, get it over and done with and move along with my day.

yeah, and it givey you a huge burst of energy and joy for everything to come :-)
went xcountry skiing this morning with my dad. would have rather stayed in and hang into my depression, feeling very anxious, but in the end i was even laughing :-)


I'm actually in the process of training for my first marathon. About a month ago, I decided I wanted to train for a marathon in May. That has always been one of my goals to run a marathon before I graduate from college. Since I graduate in May and the race is in May, I figured it would be a great goal. I also allotted myself 6 months to train. I felt this was much more practical with my busy schedule.

Now that it's winter, I'm also finding it hard to motivate. I'm from WI, and we just had our first big snow fall. Do you have any tips for training during the winter? I prefer to run outside, but is it bad to train outside in the cold?

thanks for everyone's suggestions! i have started walking again and am trying to stick to the same time everyday to make it a habit again and will try and pick up my workouts soon.

nmdaniels - congrats on doing a marathon, that is amazing! not sure if i could do a full one myself, but that will be a great accomplishment. I don't have to deal with any bad weather, so i am not too sure about running in the cold. I know you should make sure you warm-up well and train well too. One of the things i did do for my half-marathon was google training schedules and tips. that really helped me out a lot. I would definitely google running in very cold weather. Another thing to note when you get closer to the date is recovery tips. I didn't know beforehand that you need to take off a day for each mile you run for a race. or at least take it really easy for working out.

good luck, and let me know how things are going.