Need to talk

Need to talk

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I'm here. What's up?

Having a hard time right now, my parents have been having a lot of health issue and im worried

@Chntbrnkr Sorry to hear about your parents. Do they both have health issues?

My dad had his hesrt valve replaced in 2009 and almost died well we have found out its going out and possibly needs to be replaced again but hes 73 and its not looking good

@Chntbrnkr I’m sorry to hear that, that must be scary. How is your mom doing?

What's wrong with them?

@Dana15 they both have heart issues and its only getting worse imvcared of losing them

Yes they are both in their late 70s and deal with severe health issues

@Chntbrnkr Have you talked to them about how you feel? They must be pretty worried too.

he might be ok this time but spend as much time with him beforehand..just in case he is unlucky. Best, Dana

I have siblings but we don't talk about this or much of anything really

@Chntbrnkr Ok. If you’re comfortable talking to them about this, it could help, depending on how they’re feeling.
Otherwise, just keep loving your parents and telling them how much you love them (although I’m sure they already know). If you’re willing, keep us updated so we can keep supporting you :slight_smile:

I know i try but i think they don't want to talk to me about because they are afraid thst thy will have to take care of me when they are.gone so that might be it. Im always telling them i love them and make sure to hug themand tell them i love them before bed in case. Thanks i will