Needing some support

hi everyone

all is well here. but right now im struggling alittle. im falling back into my old habits. im restricting and thinking im fat and ugly. i cant seem to feel pretty lately.

i have not purged in a month. im doing well but i have no support on my end. im overweight so people think i cant have bulimia but i do. its tough having no support.

i just want to cry in a hole and come out pretty and thin.

needing some support to keep me from continuing to restrict and to keep me not going back to purging


its really great you havent purged in a while!! i know how hard it must be for you to not get any support but at least you know you have everyone here! just remember its only yourself thats down on yourself and making you believe youre fat and ugly. as everyone says, you are youre worst critic. and if no one else is going to support you and try to help you through this, then you have to try and help yourself. you must tell yourself you are pretty! you have to make yourself a constant reminder! im sorry if i dont give the best advice, id just hate to think youre hurting over this. you can always message me if you need to talk

thank you pipgirl

i have always thought i was fat anf ugly. i was made fun of all my life for being overweight. i was teased and tortured because of it.

im finally doing healthy things but in my mind having food in my system is making me fat and wanting to purge. this is the first time im struggling with it in a while.

kids can be so cruel. actually people of any age can be. you should only change yourself for yourself to be healthy, not because other people say you should be one way. it is a long road to recovery and this maybe not the last time you do struggle with it, but if you keep working toward it, i promise you you will be comfortable in your own skin one day. things will get better in time with baby steps. i wish you well :)

thank you

the only one supporting me is my nutritionist. she is the one that is keeping me goin. thank you for the support

lizzy....don't give up dear! Each day is a new beginning. Don't try to think too far ahead, and try to focus on what you need in the moment, to make your life what you want it to be! Perhaps if you could see a therapist you would be able to get that additional support to get you over this hump? Take care...Jan ♥

thanks jan

i see a therapist but we are working on the tramuatic experiences right now and ignoring my eating disorder. im doing well with not purging. the thoughts get stronger and stronger eveyday though

The hardest thing for a girl struggling with eating disorders is to not relapse while you are getting healthy. Its so hard to like who i am right now while i am forced to gain weight. i feel very fat and worthless. I know how you feel in the opposite way. Its hard to keep going when things are still bad and home. the kids won't stop saying mean things. it's just a part of life that we all have to deal with. its all a mental evil mind game that we are playing on ourselves with absolutely no winning ticket. I wish I had support while i was going through my toughest moments, but i guess i'm glad that i am fighting on my own. It feels like i don't have to rely on anybody else to fight my battles.

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you choose to do.