Never been in here b4, but I need advice. I know I'm bisexua

Never been in here b4, but I need advice. I know I'm bisexual, but I am too afraid to admit it. I have a realationship with a guy for 1 1/2 yrs. But I don't really discuss these feelings with him. I haven't been struggling with the attraction towards women again, until very recently. I find myself looking at the coming out site and bisexuality site, wondering if I can make these feelings go away

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I am very lucky. I knew from about age 8 I was gay. I never had to wonder about it. What I do know is that you will tar yourself apart if you try to deny your feelings. I am assuming you have never had a same sex relationship so far. Only when you have one will you be sure. We can all be scared of losing a comfortable relationship for something unknown, but it does more harm than good if you stay where you are not really happy. If you are gay the feelings are not going to go away. You can suppress them of course, making matters a whole lot worse in the end. Ask yourself what is more important to you - staying in a relationship that does not make you really happy or content, or allowing yourself to explore the possibility of real happiness in another type of relationship.

@kdavid yes, I have had a same sex relationship. We were together for two yrs. When it ended, it tore me up. I told myself I didn’t ever want to feel that way again, so I don’t acknowledge my feelings for women.