Never ends

When does it ever stop.

1 Heart

It sounds like you are in a very dark and scary place. I have been there before. I still go there sometimes. It does get better and the good is worth fighting for even in times when it doesn’t feel like it. I have found the most relief when I reach out to others and get constructive help from professionals, friends, and family. I hope you have some good people on your side. They can help to show you the light.

It stops when you appreciate the right now, look at your hands, feet and just laugh at yourself. You will look back at this moment and ask yourself, “what was I so worried about” Remember that you are loved and these, “life situations” will pass. Whenever you get overwhelmed, think of the exact moment you’re in and appreciate it. Take in the feeling that you have and no that it happened for a reason but it will also end. :heart::heart: