Never letting go, not moving on

A friend of mine recently just pointed out how I am not ready to easily let go of things or feelings. Its pathetic how i ling to the good things that are over. I have been hurt soo many times that healing has become a quick procedure. But every time something reminds me of my past, an x- friend people I have lost and still love, things I could have had but lost because my wrong actions or jugdement, I am back to square one. Its as is I am reliving m nightmarish life from 3 yrs ago. I am hurting and this pain is suffocating me. I am lonely and single and want to be cared for. There are three people in my life I misss the most. Two of them were my best friends and we havent as much as interacted in last year and a half, even since high school. If I just get one chance to meet them, get things straight with them, my life would be better. They are good people and I ruined our friendship and my relationship with this guy because of misunderstandings which I didnt clear for a very long time since I used to be shy and socially awkward. But I cant call them up since I had tried that several times earlier and failed. i JUST WANT TO MOVE ON. not feel anything whem I see them, meet them. Please just tell me how to let go of all these people with whom I screwed things up. Time has not healed things for me. Please Tell me of any other way to not be depressed and get my life on track.

I think that when we have a close relationship with someone, it hurts no matter the time and distance we allow ourselves to "get over the pain." We see them and instantly we want the relationship we once had. I would say that while you may never see them and be OK, you can work on being fine on the outside. Be polite, but you don't have to linger. Stop obsessing about what was and move on to making new friends. People are lonley when they refuse to move on, we all carry some hurt with us, but ruminating over this hurt is what is holding you back.

Wishing you the strength to move on-

thank you CK. I hope I can get over the pain. Its really hard but I try everyday

Wow,... I thought I was the only one who hard a ahrd time letting go. I often feel STUCK in my hurts n rejections. I feel things so deeply where I see others just let things go... I cannot! I hate it!! But one thing I do know is as much as I HURT HARD, I LOVE HARD... maybe thats the flip side of this that we feel deeply and we love deeply and as we get ourselves more healed we will find the right people who come into our lives n down leave us so easily and we can love them deeply :) So hang in there!!