New and looking for mutual support

Hi, (I hope I'm posting this in the right place.)

I recently joined the site because I have come a long way with my ED and the only thing I am missing to recover now is support. I went to a therapist and psychiatrist for 6 months, and I am now reading books on BED. But I moved abroad so there is no one to talk to about my eating disorder.

I'm 27, m, and from the U.S. but live in South Korea. I feel I have a lot to offer from my experiences, but I still have a lot to learn. If you would like to chat, share experiences, and provide each other with support, please get in touch. In the mean time, I'll figure out how exactly to use this site!


Hello and welcome to the site :)

hello and welcome to support groups!!!!


Thanks. :)

Hello! I'm new to this site to. Like you, I feel that what I really need is social support for my BED. I started a journal, that I am going to try to post in everyday. Is this something you would be interested in doing? Also, what books have you read that have been helpful in your treatment?

Hi there,

Also new to the site. My BED is worse than ever, and seeing a therapist once a week just doesn't seem to be enough for me. I don't tell too many people about it, so I'm hoping by joining this website I can find people to talk to and help. Glad to hear you've come along way with your ED, if you have any advice please let me know! I am struggling so much to find a solution right now.

Thanks to everyone for posting and messaging.

I'll be messaging everyone back, but I thought I'd just post a recommendation.

"The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook: An Integrated Approach to Overcoming Disordered Eating"

Out of the few books I've read or looked through, I found this one very useful.

have you ever though of a support group in our area---blue/grey???

hey bluethengrey!
welcome here. i only joined a few days ago too and i can tell you i's a lifesaver!!

funny that you moved to south korea, my husband is actually from there and i'd love to see the country at some point, it looks so beautiful.

do you speak the language? have you already checked the health system to see what kind of support you could get? or maybe there are some independent support groups? i do hope you'll find some face-to-face support, just to be on the safe side during your recovery.

i will be looking into online CBT as well, i'll let you know if the sites are worth visiting!

all the best and good to have you here!

Thanks for the book tip. I just ordered it on Amazon for 13 dollars. It's cheaper than a trip to McDonalds and my first goal for the week is to avoid eating between meal times, so thats bound to save me more than the cost of a workbook. =)