New and making some bad choices

So, I have been trying to stabilize my own moods again- which of course, never works. Time to stop using Adderall and Norco to make me feel how I want to feel. I do take Lithium and Prozac, but it's been an issue of getting me back in balance lately. I had a baby almost 10 weeks ago. I was unable to take Lithium during the pregnancy (that was tough), but I have a beautiful formula fed baby girl and I resumed my Lithium immediately- at a veeeery small dose. It's taken almost 3 months to get me to a therapeutic level- we'll find out next week if I'm there. Meanwhile, I've been dealing with post-partum depression mixed with a little rapid cycling. When my daughter was born, she was 8lbs4ozs, separated my pelvis and I had a 3rd degree tear. Needless to say, I was given ample pain meds. With refills. I like them waaay too much. They make the depression go away and they make me more productive. Then I made the mistake of going back on Adderall (which I've never been able to take without overusing). So now I have to tell the shrink I can't have it anymore and possibly try a dopaminergic antidepressant. I refuse to be hooked on pills or let my bipolar get out of control. I'm a mom now, and that's more important than anything else. I have to be on my game. Thanks for this forum!

Well done, at least you are aware of what you can do now :)

Congratulations on your baby girl, I hope all is going well for you both :) I am yet to commence taking Lithium but indeed being off those meds while being pregnant would have been extremely difficult. Well done on getting though it, and all the best for your future :)



Thanks. Sometimes I have to remind myself that I went through a lot. We spent 5 months trying to conceive while simultsneously planning out wedding (there were medical reasons why getting pregnant ASAP was indicated, and we were already engaged). I planned the whole wedding during a painful, med-free pregnancy. We had a beautiful wedding when I was 24 weeks, and just a few months later, Jillian came. Sometimes happy change is stressful, too. I have to do my best, though.
You said that you no longer take your Lithium- any reason why? Are you doing okay? Did you substitute something else?

Congratulations on your baby Girl! I remember when i was pregnant and had to stop my meds. That was a rough and sleepy pregnancy, I stayed in depressed mode for 9 mos.Keep taking your meds like your suppose to and all will be fine.

Congrats on the new bundle of joy! What an exciting time! I'm happy that you are focused and know what you need to do! that is fantastic. You can do it, you can beat this! Your daughter would be very proud of you if she knew about this. Sometimes taking care of someone other than ourselves is key to our recovery. =)

Hey Scully,

You should be so proud of yourself, you have acheived so much and stayed so strong throughout it all. :)

My doctor would like to see me taking Lithium, I have not yet been prescribed. I have my first appointment with the Psychiatrist in January it is then that I will be taking Lithium. When you are first taking it do you feel any different?? Is there anything I should keep an eye out for??

I feel a little hesitant but my Psychologist thinks it is the best option for me, I have spent so many years taking Anti-Depressants and they have now weaned me off of them to soon start taking Lithium. :(

Has been a little diffcult over the last month or two as I havn't been feeling to happy or settled in my own world, but I have faith I will get there maybe sometimes less faith than normal but I hold out as much as I can.

How is little Jillian going? :)

Hope you are both well, talk soon

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