New ed symptom or somthing

so much to my surprise i woke up this morning to a pillow full of hair i mean full i actually have a few bald spots i know my hairs been thinning because of my ed but can it actually cause bald bald spots or could it be a sign of something else this is really scary i don't want to loss all my hair i already feel ugly enough im scarred to ask my doctor scared he will think my ed is worse then before but i m actually trying i have one week until treatment i go for a tour on Friday i don't want to be in the hospital before i leave to much stuff to do, so if any one has had a similar experience please share thanks love leah

oh i forgot to mention i m no longer getting tpn i have to drink an ensure twice dailly i have meal support but i have not been able to drink all of it i wonder if the change ifs afecting my body ? any way thanks

Hey hun,
I started losing my hair before, but that was because I was under severe stress at the time.

Hun you should talk to your doctor, it may not be anything serious, just check it out. It may be something he has seen a million times before with the meds or it could be something completed treatable and unrelated to the ED, you should know though either way.

And you are already beautiful and strong.

Love to you
Moongal x's quite possible that this is due to your eating disorder, and it could be delayed affects that won't improve immediately...but it WILL if you continue to recover! This is not uncommon for someone who is malnourished. It would be a good idea to let your doctor and treatment team know about this....take care..Jan ♥

Thanks guys I will tell my gp about my symtoms


I'm so sorry... Yikes! I lost hair, too, but not in clumps like that. I think your disease has progressed further than mine did. Thinking of you, sweetie! ♥