New friends

I hope to find some good online friends!!!

you have come to the right place! there are alot of really nice people on this forum :)

Thank you. Appriciate it!!!

Hi Poppysmom! I am so happy that you're here. You have definitely come to the right place; it's such an incredibly supportive, compassionate, and caring environment.

Thanks so much!

I'd be able to be your online friend! :)

OK - then. Thanks! Happy Labor Day!!!

Hello Poppysmom, These support groups have deffinately encouraged and strengthened me since I've joined. You get so much feed back on your posts and by reading how others feel in the same area you might be having trouble in. I'm amazed at how much my attitude has changed towards different situations. To reassure you I must say finding these support groups and being honest with what I write down has given me a second hope. God is my first! These are people (total strangers) whom you haven't even met and to be able to discuss issues happening in your life with them and they know exactly how you feel, it's just totally AMAZING!!!! I will send you a support friend invite. Thanks for reading. God Bless!!!


Thank you for your message. I sure am glad that I found this site! I seem to have met some genuinely caring people here. It is certainly good therapy to vent in this way also. And I agree that God is my first hope, also. But, sometimes I fail and forget to lay my burdens at his feet and forget about them. Thanks for being a new friend and taking the time to respond to me.

Hope to continue to get to know you.

Yours in faith,