New group for teens

Welcome to the Teen group!

This group is for teens to express themselves and seek advice. Vic asked me to monitor the group so I though I would start with a welcome.

Topics here can be any issue a teen may be facing and talk freely about what is on their minds.

My teen years were very difficult and if I had such an outlet to discuss what was going on in my life, I probably would have made some decisions differently.

So welcome!

Hi. I think this is a great addition. I am no longer a will try and help with what I did wrong and what I think I did right during my teen years.

I'm a teenager and I need help. I've had Insomnia ever since I was little and I have no idea how to sleep. I've tried Trazadone, that didn't work.. Then I self medicated myself with Nyquil then Bendadryl those worked but my doctor told me to stop taking them. Does anyone know some medications I can take that either have to be prescribed or are over the counter? I've heard of Melatonin but I don't know if I'll work. Any ideas?

I also have Depression would that have anything to do with having Insomnia? Thank you!

Forget, welcome! So glad you posted!

Yes, depression can cause insomnia along with an array of other physical problems.

Before we discuss medicating for the insomnia, I have a few questions.

Are you on any other medications?

Do you have an active lifestyle, sports, etc?

Do you eat fairly healthy?

Do you drink alot of caffienated or high sugar drinks? Coffee, redbull, monster, dark colored sodas, etc.

Let’s start there.

This is gonna be an excellant site "Teen", I'll utilize my 18yr. old & mothers intuition.

Cant wait.

I'm on Singulair and Allegra D for allegies. Amitriptyline for migranes. Trazadone for insomnia (which is ineffective) and prilosec for a bad stomach.

I tend to be kind of active. I like to walk around and Mon-Fri I have 30 minutes of physical activity. Although on weekends I like to lounge around on the computer and eat..

I don't normally, but I'm attempting vegetarianism

I drink a juice, but 80 percent of the time I drink Crystal Light which has no sugar or caffeine in it.

I'm depressed but I'm not seeking treatment.

Well for starters Allegra-D could be part of the problem.
The prescibing information from Sanofi-Aventis, the drug manufacturer, lists possible side effects being Headaches, Insomnia and Nausea.

Also, you need to watch what kind of juice you drink with certain medications.

I also checked online with a drug interaction checker.
The medications you are on flagged for potential significant interactions.

Here is the link so you can discuss it with your parents.

Don’t freak out or stop your meds, but you may want to speak to your pharmacist or doctor about the combination of meds you are presently on.

You should also ask about treating your depression, not necessarily with medications, but at least therapy.

I was thinking recently about we should have a teen forum here. This is a great idea! As a mother of 3 daughters - ages 21, 19, 17 and having been a teen myself before, I will help out all I can.

forgetlove, Beautiful Dizzaster gave some great suggestions. I do suggest you see your doctor/counselor for help. Keep coming and sharing. We are all here for you. ((((hugs))))

Thank you for doing helping me find information. I've been having frequent migranes and I've had insomnia for my whole life and it started getting worse when I started taking the Allegra-D. Thanks again, I know I can count on all of you (:

And I will try to seek therapy for my depression. Promise<3

Aww you are very welcome! I work in the medical field, so that helps. You know we are always here. Please let us know how you make out. And continue to post on here and ask questions! The only stupid question is the one not asked!

This is such a fantastic addition to the Site. I am no longer a teen but definitely can help from my own experiences as a teen. Thanks for monitoring this group Beautiful!

Forgetlove, how are you doing?

I am doing a lot better. The insomnia has gradually gotten better but that is only because my days are longer and I get more tired then usual. The depression got worse, I cut on Tuesday, and now I so badly regret it.

I went to a Youth Group with my friend. The youth group dedicated itself to helping people who have dealt with cutting, depression, and suicidal thoughts. My best friend told her story, and I broke down and cried. I realized that I shouldn’t cut anymore, I do not want to go further down that road.

I’m attempting to find a teen clinic to seek therapy. I want to defeat this devil.

Hi Forgetlove, thank you so much for the update. I think that it's so fantastic that you went to the Youth Group with your friend and had a breakdown, which to me seems like a breakthrough. And, now you are seeking therapy, which is a huge step in the right direction of recovery for you. You are so well on your way to helping yourself through this.

Don't look back on anything now...try to only look ahead at taking it one step and one day at a time.

So very proud of you! I wish I could give you hug! I'm glad you found the youth group and that you are seeking help. Let us know how you are doing, ok? We love you!

Hi,I can't believe I'm doing this :)
People seem to like talking to me, a guy I once knew told me that I was like his shrink...people feel comfortable talking to me so they do...I don't exactly feel comfortable talking to people.
So long story short,they have me to talk to,I have no one to talk I thought joining this group would be helpful and I can find people who want to hear what I have to say instead of telling me the story of their lives.

Have a nice day everyone,I'm hoping we could become friends

Forgetlove, JOB well done, I admire you for that, KEEP GOING.

Laroxyx, welcome, cant wait to read some of your advice.

Take care all.


Laroxyx welcome! Here we are your listeners when you need us. We are all ears my dear! What is on your mind?

Laroxyx, welcome to Support Groups, thank you so much for being here. I can only imagine what an amazing friend you are, by listening and advising. Now we are here to help support you in any way that we can. Please share.

Hey everyone! I just thought that I'd say I finally had the strength to tell my doctor about the depression, and being afraid of being bipolar. I'm in the process of getting help :)