New here. 13 weeks into recovery from hip labral repair wit

New here. 13 weeks into recovery from hip labral repair with acetebular impingement. Been very depressed angry and sad. I see no end in sight for this recovery. setback after setback. I coach baseball. Had another setback yesterday I think from swinging and hitting some ground balls which I've done a few times before yesterday with no issues. I am very careful not to over do it, but sometimes I want to feel normal.

I feel like this recovery is not only wearing me down but also my girlfriend who tries so hard to help me through this. Every day is becoming harder than the day before it. No one understands where I am mentally.

I feel alone. I need help, and I hope this place is able to help me out a bit. Thank you, and I wish everyone else here luck with their surgeries and recoveries.

It is hard to accept different routine and things in are life that have changed. I would think it would make you feel alone and depressed. It gets better in time as you heal. Don't give up. Talk to your Doctor that you feel depressed maybe they could help you with that. Do a little more each day and eventually you will get there.

@BeautyGirl thanks for the support! =)