New here and binged really bad on candy and feel like purgin

new here and binged really bad on candy and feel like purging. I feel so fat and disgusting and now worse.

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When you get into a binge-purge cycle you get into a habit of eating whatever you want without having to deal with the consequences, which makes recovery difficult. A lot of people trying to stop the purging still starve themselves, and thus set themselves up for binge eating. It's a vicious cycle. Focus on eating small amounts of good, nutritious food frequently and not junk. Then the need to purge won't be as strong.

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@AnaLeigh yes agree unfortunately bein anorexic for many years i still pretty much think anything during the day is too much and then im hungry so i binge or if im emotional. I know what to do but my head says noooo

I have been where you are. Every evening I would promise myself that iam done. And next day role coaster started again. Until one day 4 months ago I just stopped. Tapering off didn't help. I won't lie every day since then is huge struggle but iam hanging in. Staying away from trigger food. I just hope that one day those urges to purge go away.

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helps to remember i'm not alone in this. I was doing so much better until recently. Ive been eating trigger foods and somehow I'll just have to stop and eat smaller, healthy amounts. By now my weight scares me and so I try not to eat, then I end up binging. I only feel good about myself when I don't eat.

Sugar its going to make you crave more. And yeah depriving and starving sets the body up for over eating. You crave sugar cause you are not eating. I crave it all the time cause i restrict.

I agree for me it’s sugar are and carbs @lisajd

Yes, same here. doing some better now. sugar makes me feel awful.

Sugar for me triggers binge that's why I stopped eating sugar. Just fruits

@irene827 for me it’s salt or cheese. I used to snack on a lot of salty foods and eat a lot of pizza during my heavier days. I love being thin but my body craves those foods still.

I struggle stating away from trigger foods, especially when I'm home from college. My mother caught me in the act of purging the other day and told me that I just need to stay away from the sugar. Which isn't really helpful because there are sweets all around the house. It's gotten so that I have foods that I only eat towards the end of a binge in order to facilitate purging. Ice cream is one of them, and now I can't even eat three bites without feeling dreadfully nauseous. A part of me feels glad, because ice cream is one of the first things I ever purged on and now I dread eating it. But it seems like there are so many other sugary items ready to take its place.

I love salty food and cheese as well but if I eat even little piece it starts rolkecoaster. So I eat now mostly veggies and Fruits and it's been 4 months so far binge free. But it is struggle every day.

I think it's food in general that trigger binges. For me the only safe foods are veggies and some fruits. Anything else triggers binge. I know it's psychological issue. Way to control my body since life is not easily controlled.Hope I am making sense.

@irene827 @irene827 im where you are. I binge rarely but i also dont buy trigger foods. Xmas has been a nightmare and i over ate and as i dont eat regularly i had to purge a bit as my stomach hurt so bad. But it im tired of the battle.

So am i. But what is other choice? Keep torturing our bodies and eventually cause irreparable damage. Which I already did. Gallbladder removed dental implants