New Here: My Shopping Addiction

I’ve been searching for a group for a while but I kept putting it off typical. I’m new here I want to see how things go on here to get help. I know why I have the shopping addiction. I also overeat but that I’ve got under control. I’ve already dropped 108 pounds, so that’s not the issue my issue continues to be shopping.

I know why I shop it’s due to my childhood trauma. I’ve been shopping as far as I can remember. I’m going to be 60 soon, so it’s been years of this crap.

They were two triggers recently (kind of recently) the one that hit me hard recently I would say was separating from my husband a person I’ve known for years. Not only that I separate but I moved to another state.

The more I saw my marriage deteriorate my depression kicked in hard. The more I started to realize that there was nothing else for me to do to save our marriage. I mourned my marriage I went shopping to fill that void that never seems to heal. We were both 13 years old when we met it’s been hard.

Hello @Witchy64

Thank you for joining us and sharing your story. This sounds like a very difficult situation. Using shopping to fill a certain void (as you mentioned) more often makes us feel worse, and unfortunately does not seem to help us in the way that we want it to. We empathize with you there, and want to remind you that falling into that pattern is a normal reaction to the situation you are in. It might be beneficial to talk to someone who you either trust or a mental health professional if you feel like your shopping addiction is negatively impacting you. You got this and we are here to support you. Love, SG

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