New here.. So here's my story.. I've been purging for almost

New here.. So here's my story.. I've been purging for almost 3years. The first two years it wasn't a regular thing and I convinced myself I could control it. Now I can't even eat something small without running to the bathroom! I saw bulimia as a quick fix to getting 'skinny' more so after a ****** break up which in a sense is sort of pathetic on my half but now I can't control it at all. I can't tell my friends because I'm worried they'll judge me (yes, I have those sort of friends). I keep reading on here about people who want to stop and Id love to stop but if I don't purge after I've eaten it literally rips me apart and it's all I think about until I do go do it. This is the first time I've ever spoke about this and by God it feels good ha

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Lots of hugs and support to you. I would highly recommend getting all the support you can get to help you keep on track, stay accountable to your goals, and ensure feelings that you are not alone in your fight! It is tough to even think about change, because change is the "unknown". You can do this though. We are here for you!

Thank you! It's always easier seeking help Ect from people you don't know but are going through the same thing! :-)

I can totally understand you! I go through the same thing and Ive got the feeling that only people who are going through the same thing can understand me ... I hope you're doing better soon (:

that is wonderful that you decided to seek help. i am proud of you! it is a tough journey, but together it won't be quite as scary. someone on here talked to me about brain over binge. i haven't had the opportunity to read it yet, but i did read the summary a bit and it seems interesting. hope this can help you :)