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So I'm 19 years old. I've been looking for some support groups recently and this is what I found. I'm just looking for someone to talk to who understands. My family, friends, and boyfriend do not. I have anxiety disorder, panic disorder and schizoaffective disorder bipolar type. Its a struggle every day and the people in my life don't fully understand. They try hard and I appreciate it but Im looking for someone who has been in my shoes and knows what I'm going through.

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I know exactly what your going through. I sufer form an undiagnosed illness. And i know my parents, friends think they now how I feel. But they dont. They dont know my body like I do. Think they know the pain I go through. But they dont just because they stand by my bedside. Doesnt mean they kow. Ive been trying to findthe person who understand how I feel, and what I going through is hard so I can feel like I not going through this alone :(
:) But dont worry I know exactly how you feel

I'm glad someone can relate! My mom acts like I need to constantly be monitored. She thinks im gonna do something crazy when im not. im doing everything my doctor has told me to do. She treats me like shes gone through all this before but she hasn't and no one knows. My friends and boyfriend treat me differently and its hard to talk to them without them thinking im going to be offended. It just stresses me out how everyone is acting. I read your profile. Im sorry about all the pain you have to go through, that must be awful! Maybe theres a specialist or something you could see? Anytime you need to talk, im here:)

You will find it hard to talk to people who haven't gone through what you have.

I have tried to talk to my friends in the past. All they did was RUN. They didn't know what to say. They just don't want to know. And, then when they do find out they kind of shun you for it.

Even my ex wife didn't believe me. She is adamant that in America that it just doesn't happen.

However, you will get support if you are involved in a group setting where others have similar backgrounds. These types of groups are blessing too many.

As for family: Don't try too hard with family. They love you and want to help. Sadly, they just don't know. In time, they might learn more and be a little more responsive to your needs.

I can sympathize with you. My family like to report what they imagine might happen. I get dosed up with some new drug cocktail based on what they report as fact when it is what they imagine. I hate "my Family", they are evil. Be thankful you have a kind, caring family and boyfriend. I just have a bunch of nuts that like to steal from me when they succeed at getting me locked up, like their so concerned for me. They don't bother to visit me or give me a ride home from their new "care" treatment. HA, they are a bad curse i don't know what i've done to deserve it, what ever it was, GOD I AM SORRY! Kill me or HEAL MY LIFE! I want to have some friends that have no contact or notions of them. How do i begin again?

Hey, well I'm new as well and I'm also schizo-affective. I know what it's like, every day struggling just to live a normal life. You're not alone.

I have found that talking on here really helps me. There are many who will encourage you. With all that is going on, you have your hands full. I suffer from anxiety disorder and it can be crippling. I'm glad you have reached out to us all and trust us to be there for you hun. You will meet many kind people here! Take care, I'm praying for you!

I'm new too and don't really know what's wrong with me but I have terrible anxiety and days of depression. Everyone nods their heads and say they understand but they don't. They listen for five minutes then go about their day like nothings wrong. I hope is as helpful as everyone says it is. And I'm always willing to talk:)

the minute you say depression or schizoprenia people turn away, turn a deaf ear even write you off. After dealing with mental health issues my entire 50+ years with no real benefits from medication or convential theraphy. I have recently found this forum. Writing and sharing has been working for me. Ok its only a week now but it is liberating and makes me hopeful that I am on the path to wellness. All I want is genuine understanding and sharing. if we create a community we all can be helped in some form. I have written this in several posts and will say it again....Every story is worth telling. Live, Love & Be Healthy.

I'm in the same boat.I'm brand new to this whole thing too.
But I've been dealing with anxiety and depression since I was 16.I'm 21 now.I also cut and struggle with anorexia.My family,friends,and boyfriend all know about my problems and I know exactly how it feels to not have anyone really understand what we're going through.
My mom and step-dad constantly ask me if I take my medication or if I've cut.I know the feeling of having people treat you different because of your "disorder",that's exactly how I feel about my family.Believe me,I know EXACTLY what you're going through.

I understand where you are at my m.h.t said to me we don't judge we don't label people everyone is an individual which I felt made me relax a little BUT then I went to meet my case worker who proceeded to tell me I am big polar paranoid schizophrenic with high risk suicidal....... this is coming from people who are there to understand support and help us I have not had any contact with them for 14 months and thought I was doin well until about three weeks ago then I realized I was not making any difference I had just masked it and was lying even to myself that's why I am on here to talk to people that understand the situation just like you also to try and deal with it without my partner being troubled with it she has enough to deal with she is 28 and has liver failure or the beginnings of and we have a very active 4 yr old so I have to keep it behind the mask because they are both beautiful and have there own problems with out having to deal with the loathing I get upto every morning when I look in the mirror and the failure that has been me

I'm borderline bipolar and I have Asperger's Syndrome, as well as anxiety and insomnia. Luckily, my family gets it mostly, but I've been through a lot of times where other people didn't. I've been called crazy, a retard, dumb, unpredictable, moody, a lot of things. And I have been unpredictable and moody in the past, but these people were saying it like it somehow made me different than everyone else. Well, we are all different, but that is not how I am different, because we all have our times when we're unpredictable or moody or both. I am not crazy, I am fully aware of my surroundings, and I am not dumb, I have made the honor roll before in school, and I consistently score highly on tests. I'm not better than anybody, in fact I have a lot of improvements I need to make, but I wish people would stop messing with me. Normally, people are very kind to me, though, and I'm doing a lot better this past year and a half, so it's all good. The point of all this is to let you know that it's not just you, and I think I do understand how you feel.

Hi Amm1488, I have bi-polar Type I and have been dealing with it for many years. It is hard to control the internal thoughts and feelings that cause the ups and downs. I find getting unattached to whimsical thoughts have served me well. Meditation has also helped put my thoughts and feelings into prespective.