New here

I do good early in the day with my eating. Then it seems like when the night sets in so does my binging. I never seem to feel full. Does anyone else deal with this and how do you deal with it if you do?

Hello there, and welcome. Do you restrict during the day? Do you eat enough?

Yah i agree with Gina. If you are restricting during the day you are more likely to binge at night! Try to eat maybe something like pasta or toast with peanut butter. Something that is filling!

Yes I do restrict myself, Thank you I will try the pasta or peanut butter

Those are just some ideas though!

i do this too! i feel like my willpower is used up throughout the day and is gone by the night.
ive stopped bingeing at night so much by finding something i really enjoy and doing it every night once my homework is finished.
personally, i either watch an episode or two of Friends (they ALWAYS put me in a better mood) or read Harry Potter (because i am a mega-nerd inside and absolutely love all the books). try to find things you really love to do and use those as a treat to yourself at night instead of binging!
best of luck and love, hanna

AH. just joined the site and this is exactly what I am looking for.
dinner is the worst meal for me. Breakfast is always solid. 8/10 times lunch is good. By the time dinner time comes, I'm usually pretty hungry. I don't feel like i restrict breakfast and lunch- I eat a good amount but try to focus on fruits/veg/soups/yogurts/cottage cheese at those meals because I am in college and eat dinner with my boyfriend usually and he likes a big dinner. He usually eats a little (like pack of crackers, maybe) around 2 or 3 for lunch, and we have dinner around 530 6. Even though I am aware that I can eat a big meal calorie wise, I still get that huge belly guilt feeling after. Then its game on for binge and purge. Lots of people suggest having a bigger lunch and then a smaller dinner, but it just does not work for me. Also my boyfriend has snacks at night (basically making up for his breakfast/lunch) and its soo tempting cause hes a good cook.
I'm stuck.