New Medicine - I need advice please!

Since my BPD has been so out of control in recent months due to high stress going on in my life I finally went to the doctor to try and get on medication (I usually am hesitant since I have tried so many, mainly SSRIs, that don't help or made things worse) My doctor kept highly recommending Seroquel and she says that one works well with evening out extreme moods compared to most other drugs out there.

So my question is, Has anyone ever taken Seroquel (currently or previously)? Or known anyone who has? Do you think it is worth it?

I heard the first few days the side effects include being extremely sleepy (therefore i was told to take it at bedtime)

Any advice or ideas would be welcomed. Thank you!

i would google seroquel. usually you can find out all you need to know. i would take it at bedtime at first to see how ur body reacts to it. some antidepressants can make you tired or wired. mine makes me wired i have to take it in the am it is prozac. hope it helps ya.:)

i have been on seroquel for about a is an anti-pychotic drug
and i have had no problems with reduces the negative parts of your illness reasonably well

They put me on it while I was institutionalized and I can tell you that those nights were some of the best and most refreshing nights of my life. But my BPD makes me so paranoid I went off it because I was afraid of not being able to wake up if my boyfriend needed to sneak out or in to cheat on me even though he wasn't cheating. Sorry, Anyways, my psychiatrist would not put me back on it and I didn't really question her. She seemed to think poorly of this drug like it would be bad for me. That's the extent of my experience with it but I hope you find it helpful. Good luck!

Ive been on it since 2007 and it has a great calming effect and yes it will make you sleep really peacefully. I also have a lower dose to take when my aniety is out of control. Go for it . ITS GOOD. jUST start on a low dose to see how you feel in the morning .

Thank you all for your advice! I really appreciate having some input from others who have tried it. So far I have been taking a low dose since Friday and have been able to sleep a little better without waking up with panic attacks. It sure makes me tired even in the day, but hopefully that will not be so much of a problem once I get used to it.
I'm a little worried since after googling it I read it may cause weight gain, and after already being insecure about my appearance that made me more concerned. Also how bad would it be if I drink alcohol while taking this medicine?

Thanks again!

I was on it before and occassionally now to sleep, but 3v3n only 50mg knocks me out! I will literally sleep 13-16hours, truthfully.

I also wake up in a drug hangover and its hard to pull myself out of it and get moving! Personally I don't care for it.

Another side effect of this is weight gain.....

Have you tried LAMICTAL - it somes in Generic form and is a mood stabilizer, it does seem to make the ups and downs not quite as severe.....