New meds

So I saw my doctor today because my meds failed and my bipolar just got stronger and faster than it was before the hospital visit...he told me to up my lithium and added seroquel to help me sleep..Im nervous about the seroguel because of all of the warning of sleepiness. I dont want to sleep through my days..just my nights..I guess Im just scared because the first round seemed to have sent me from rapid cycling to ultra rapid. I don't think I could handle ultra ultra. I still can't believe I have this illness but its very real-I seriously love the highs but the mixed and lows arent worth skipping meds.

ultra ultra is scary. I know that level. I take seroquel 25 mg 1-3 as needed. I take it earlier than some of my other night meds so the linger effects wears off soon after I wake up. I know you are nervous about adding the meds, but without sleep as well, the lithium will not be as effective an equalizer. Drink plenty of water, you may find yourself sipping all day. Sometimes mouth maybe running dry during a standard conversation, keep a water bottle handy. Recognizing you need to stay on top of it is a big deal. Keep up the work.

hey seroquel is a good drug and the doses can go a lot higher than 25mg-I was told that the higher the dose the drowziness is actually less-good luck and god bless

Thank you Donna for your support. Although I am nearly crying now I am thankful for support. It is nearly 5am, and I want to go to sleep, but not sleep all day, then I will feel more depressed. God bless you as well. John

Thanks-I just woke up. I didn't even get a chance to add my 3rd lithium in the morning because I slept though it. I took my 2 lithium at night and 1 seroquel with it around 10pm. I woke up around 3pm the next I just have a bad headache???

So happy for you that you got some rest! Sorry to hear of your headache. I hope you get relief from the headache quickly, and it does not linger to long. Raining here now, I can sleep good when it is raining, but there are periods of strong winds as well. The steady rain is more soothing. Anything you can do to get rid of the headache quickly? 'Make the best of what's around.' I will fax you over some more hope and a smile in case you start to run low on supplies.

Donna-makes sense...I go through tons of water bottles during the day because its the only thing I drink. I have severe GERD so juices are out and Im allergic to caffiene so every other beverage is out. I guess sleeping for 17 hours caused the dehydration caught up to headache has gone away since then. Whats the thing with salt and lithium? increase or decrease salt intake? I always get confused. Yeah, I don't remember what he said about the missed pill..I think I'm suppose to just continue like it never happened. I think my doctor also said that I can take all 3 at night if they make me too drowsy during the day. I called the pharmacy said I could cut the 200mg tablet of seroquel in half. I think I'll try that tonight-3 lithium and 1 seroquel at the same time. Hope I don't sleep as much as I did today. Lithium kept me stable for about a week and then completely failed and I went crazy again-thus the extreme med change. Wish me good luck! Can't wait to see my doctor on Monday. He suggested staying in the hospital while I figure meds out which I wouldn't mind doing but don't want to spend that money.

Rocks-Thanks! It was needed. Yeah, its raining here too-I guess it did and stopped? not sure..haven't left my house. thanks..I'm running low on hugs as well. Much appreciated!

Ok, i faxed over an extra hug. i only have like four or so left myself, so sorry to be stingy. still lots going on in my neck of the woods too, gotta keep my supplies up. I did an out of hospital med realignment in late Jan. had 7 doctors apps in five days, and lots of blood work over a month. I actually would not have minded a hospital stay at that time, but my bed is more comfortable, and when i need a break i need a break. "checks, checks, checks, meds, code blue ward M, Dr. Horvath to the medlab, john are you going to group tonight"... NO, I just need rest!!! Hope you can get stable again and stay out of the hospital if that is your goal.

Oh my gosh Donna thanks for the extra hugs! I lived in Vancouver WA for about five years. Beautiful, but yes, I remember rain. FL best place for my aches and pains, and overall mental health. Sunny most of the time, warmer even in the winters. Thank you for the hugs, I know Jassy will be thrilled as well. I am going to sort them, and use one right now. I have been up all night, and i really want to take a nap, but also I hardly have eaten anything.

Hello. I am a mother of an 11 year old boy with bi-polar disorder. Im trying to better understand him. What hes feeling what hes thinking. He has been on numerous medications and they only intensify his behaviors. I was hoping some of you with this disorder could enlighten me. I myself an very depressed and don't know what to do. He is in the hospital now and this is his 7th time. He also spent 8 months in a residential facility. The older he gets the worse he gets.

Thanks to you both. Last night I took all three lithium and half of a seroquil pill. I am still a little groggy but I didn't sleep the ENTIRE day away like yesterday so I guess it works a little better. I'll ask my doctor. It sucks though cause I have such an early bedtime (around 10pm). I obviously can't leave while on that much medication and go hang out with friends at bars like I used to. I know the meds are a good thing but they are killing my social life. : (

That is awesome it worked out! So a good solid sleep, and up for the day, well at least up in a decent time for the day. Are you in a good mood today? Sorry about the social life in the debri field. At least you do realize the meds are a good thing. Any balance on the social life? Anyone to hang out with during the day? I read your message earlier, about noon, but my eyes were closing while I was reading. Instead of resisting it, I gave in, and took a nap. I feel better today than the last 7 or 8, hope you do to.

Yes I did Rocks!-it was awesome. Right now I am in a pretty decent mood, slowly starting to stabilize out which my doctor is thankful for. I had to sacrifice some meds due to social life last night which in turn made me lay awake the whole night. I think that is gonna happen a lot. Be alone and depressed but get sleep or be social and hyper and not sleep. I've doing this thing which is pretty awesome, meeting new people and whatnot. Glad you feel better! How are you today?

Yes, it is a relative conundrum deciding whether to stay home, or go out when doing either means adverse conditions. Been there. Last time a few weeks ago they wanted to go bar hoping. Felt awkward cause one kept asking me how I was doing, and the other told him I took some meds before we left. You want people to know you have something you are trying to deal with, so they can support you, but then there are always those strange instances where you wish you just kept everything to yourself.

Hearing about your good day made me feel better, I was a mess after my creepy landlord left. He is not supposed to be here, and it puts me into a panic attack what he has done to me so far. Pending court battle, will know more on Tuesday. Trying to get him to fix his house, he refuses. Code wrote him up, then he tried to force me out.

Talk to my friend / roomy Kristen about some stuff, she is bubbly today, so that also helped me feel better. Called the court, called my attorney, now trying to relax so I can eat.

I'll try the surfing thing, thanks for the plug. The more the better. Hate feeling alone.

Glad you are in a pretty decent mood. If ur like me, that translates into an awesome mood quickly, keeping my fingers crossed for you. Here's hope, thanks, and a smile.

Hi. I am new here. I am on 1200mg a day of lithium and 200 mg of serequel at night. I have rapid cycling bi polar 1 and life is always like a rollercoaster. At the level of Serequel I am on I am sleepy until about 2:00 pm in the day. But I take it around 9:00pm at night and still dont sleep until 3:00 or 4:00 am.

The medicine seems to have very little effect on the bipolar as I change moods drastically several times a day. It's very frustrating and is hard to stay on meds that dont appear to be working. But this is just my experience. Everyone is different.

HAHA-I totally know what you mean about going out a having people constantly like "did you take your meds? are you okay? is this how you act on meds? have you recently got your meds checked?"

Never had to deal with a landlord and by the sounds of it..Im pretty **** happy about it. Good luck with the trial issue. Yay eating..something I haven't done yet.

It totally is fun! you meet new people constantly. Double check with the roommates though. And you get to go anywhere you wantttttttt yayyyyyyyy!

Yeah, I'm still coming off my manic phase but the meds are keeping me somewhat undercontrol which is good..I'm close to getting my license taken away (no thanks to last weeks mania). MWAHAHA I feel it inside but can't express it...I just stuttered because the meds are fighting it. Haha..does that happen to you?

LOST- Hi, welcome. How many tablets of lithium is that? I am on three (not sure of the dosage amount). I only take 100mg of the serequel because I'm only 90lbs and 200mg made me sleep through an entire slept friday night to sunday morning. I don't know the delayed effect of delay is only like 45 mins at the most before I am knocked out. Have you talked to you doctor about it? All I can say is try to take it earlier one night when you dont have to drive or anything and see how that effects it. If the lithium isn't working then you should go talk to you doctor. I know what you mean, I had to recently change meds (as mentioned in my first comment). I know it does take some time for the meds to kick in..sometimes up to a week or two. Def. keep your doctor updated. Let me know how it goes! Good luck

I take 4 300mg of lithium. Two in the morning and two at night. I have been on the meds for 8 years. My MD is the only doctor I see now. I won't go to another psych doctor since the last one I saw was trying to get my ex to fight for custody of my two boys, stating that anyone with bipolar don't need kids. So I pretty much have to wing it myself with what I can learn from the internet. There is just no trust with the doctors anymore. My kids are my life and are very sheltered from the effects of my bipolar.

Anyway, hope things are good for you with your meds.

Hey Jassy, set up couchsurfing, thanks for that info! Oh my gosh, yes they want to help, but sometimes it is embarrassing. I mean we are sitting at the table in the bar having a drink, and eating a pizza, not the time to ask me about my meds gee whiz! My two new roomies are totally cool. I mean, it is my house and all, but I try to be respectful. All can have guests, and I have plenty of room.

Yeah, with your weight you have to watch dosages, so you slept for two days, argh! That was too much at once then. I had a medical hold on my license for a while. Just got it back last year in June. Being seizure free for two years is not a requirement now, and all of the meds say use caution when operating instead of do not operate like before. I got my handicap permit, and my safe driver caption on my license.

Hope you don't lose ur license, would be devastating.

Lost...yeah, I know, I do not go to any more psych doctors either after several bad experiences, one involving family. Between my reg MD, neurologist, cardiologist, phys therapist, and pain management center I have plenty of other so called educated opinionated pencil pushing prescription writers in my life.

Like they thought I would never get to see what they wrote, but my re MD had the records faxed over, and then gave me like 30 pages of notes and stuff. I'm like gee whiz, what a ****, if i knew talking to that doctor at that time was going to lead to... license, hospital, court, family drama...I would have never went. Thanks for your 'help', or whatever you called it.

So we wing it ourselves, and find others in our same situation that can relate. That is what led me here, and it has been a big help! Thanks to friends like jassy, and others I get better coping skills, and feel less like I am alone in this world with the only rare problems.

Jassy...get even, and eat something please! Hope you can simmer down easy. yes I loose my words sometimes too. frustrating. talk at ya later.

Lost-You have to find a doctor to trust, unless you yourself are willing to get a degree. I know it might be a pain but you should. Good luck with your meds. I'm still trying to figure out the right dosage of seroquel for me..I'm thinking 50mg is good.

Yay!-welcome to the world of couchsurfing..its my first week and so far I've had a girl and I've got three guys coming throughout the week. Its exhausting but better then a permanent roommate (I live alone.)

I'm thinking of getting a handicap permit for my fibromyalgia. Haven't gotten around to it for year but one of these of these days... yeah..if I lost it, I would freak out majorly. Driving is my comfort and the road is my best friend.

"Simmer down" haha..oh man. All I could think of was a lobster in a I used to say that expression a lot too. I'm eating..grapes...I do need to head to the grocery store.

My hands are shaky from the meds...texting and typing are sooo hard..RWAR

Hope youre good Rock