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I'm twiced divorced, just turned "over the hill", and my baby, only son just left for Parris Island Boot-Camp 10 days ago. Celebrating my birthday wasn't the same with him not here, nothing is. He was my bright light, in a dark cave(thats how much he could brighten a room)! I'm waiting on my first letter to arrive. The recruiter had given me his address with his company and possible 4 platoons. I've been writing to him, but I miss him so much. Will it get any better?

Well, thought I'd give you an update. I've got 4 letter, so far. He seems to be doing well. The first week his ankles hurt him, but he says they are feeling better now. He said it was Sunday and he was going to church. Continued on to tell me about the up coming week, and what was in store for him. He seemed ok and keeps thanking him for raising him to be so strong. I've read on the parent website, that a few in his platoon are having a hard time. I think the thing with the ankles, is common? What touched me the most, he took the time to tell me about the trees, the sunrise and sunset, the stars in the morning sky. That really made me feel much better, know he could still appreciate where he was and things to be grateful for there. I'm so proud of him. It just amazes me for him to be going in as my recruit and coming out a MARINE. I anxious await the transition...

Wow you got 4 letters how wonderful & I gotta hand it to you for a job well done in raising such a wonderful young man & the next generation. What a proud mom you are huh, ATTA Girl.

Thanks April, for your comment. It's really been hard being without him. He use to call me up to 4 times a day, text me at 12:30 AM if he was late, cook supper for me, bring me flowers, cook me breakfast on my birthday... He really is an awesome son to have. I haven't got a letter since Tuesday, so I've started waiting on the mail again. I've already started worrying about time off work when he's on his 10 day leave. I know I'm going to want to spend as much time with him as I can. I'm so glad my daughter has been trying to call more to make sure I'm okay. Her being away at college, she has her own stresses of life. I try to be in good spirits when she calls, but it's hard sometimes. Thanks for your kind words... Wishing you a great weekend.

I know the feeling, my 18yr. old son always texts when his gonna be late closing at work otherwise my "Mommy Meter" goes into overdrive, what can we say..... we're moms.

Take care, your in my thoughts.


Training week 3 starts for him today. I'm anxious to get a letter to hear all about last weeks training. This week he starts obstacale courses and martial arts moves. I saw some pictures of the course he has to pass. Wow! I was really impressed... so proud of him. I just miss him so much. I should get a letter Tuesday! Yeah! OOH-RAH!

Hi Liar2me, My husband was in the Air Force for 12 years. Communication while they are in boot camp may be scarce but once they are done with that, you should be hearing from your son more. Back when my husband was in the service, we didn't have the internet, cell phones, I phones and all like we do today. We had to rely on writing and sending letters through snail mail. I was with him when he was stationed in Turkey. My mom mentioned she wanted to hear from me more if nothing else but just to say hey and I love you. I am not much of a letter writer so I bought up alot of post cards showing pictures of Turkey and from then on pretty much sent her one everyday just to say hey and I love you and anything else - keeping it short. She loved it getting the post cards. It is also cheaper to send post cards.

bluidkiti, thanks so much for your hopeful words. it's been a real adjustment, not having him here or being able to talk with him. i got a letter today. he says he's still homesick and misses me. he continues to mention that he understands the things i tried to teach him, much more now. i wish i knew what was going through his mind... he's a very strong-minded kid. i know he won't tell me if something is wrong. just wish i could be there with him, but i know i have to let him grow up. i didn't realize it would be this hard for me. thanks again for your comment. it's nice to know people care. hope you are doing well.