New Member trying to find a place to relate with other bpd'ers

I am having a horrible time lately as my boyfriend and I have split and I feel like I am going to go crazy. Just want to get help.

Hello and Welcome "alafair"-

It is unfortunate you have found the need for a site such as this but once you become familiar with how it works - you may be very pleased that you joined.

If you could, I would suggest you provide a bit more information on your situation and what you are facing at this time to allow members to offer and provide you with their viewpoints.

This site is designed around the idea of “people with hardships helping people with hardships”. Some of our members are dealing or have dealt with the same issues you face. Here you will receive support, compassion and advice. And you may feel free to come back to this site as the need arises. Here you will not be judged and you can say whatever you wish. And we are open 24/7.

I encourage you to read the threads of others who are dealing with your same issue. And as you read the responses given, you might find all the advice you need already available.

Sometimes the site is busy, or sometimes no one is on-site with the knowledge to respond to your issues. Please re-post as often as you need to get message out on the board so other members may have the opportunity to respond and offer their viewpoint.

And remember – “You Are Not Alone”.

Hi alafair, I understand when you say that you feel like you are going crazy because of your breakup. When I was like that I didn't really know which way was up. Did he hate me? Did he even love me when he said he did when we were together or was it some ruse to appease me? The questions in my head just kept going on and on. I have the feeling that that's what is going on in your mind right now.

Living the life as a BPD'r is not fun or easy but it can get easier. There is a life beyond BPD, I've experienced it. It takes alot of practice and alot of work but I got past it. Once getting past it I still had to practice what I learned and I didn't hold on to that and I backslid some. But believe me, it feels so good to not have the label of BPD and have the freedom of not feeling all those feelings come barging down on you all the time.

Healing takes time both for your relationship with you and your boyfriend and for your BPD. I believe that you can do it.