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I was just recently diagnosed with hodgkin's lymphoma, I have to do my ct scan and pet scan this week to figure out the staging. I'm just here looking for support and hopefully learn more. I'm 26

Welcome Starr,
I'm sorry to hear about your diagnosis but I am glad you found this forum. There are many helpful and supportive people here. We are here for you when you have questions, need a bit of advice, or just need to vent (as I do on occasion).

The good news is Hodgkin's Lymphoma is one of the most treatable cancers. Ross (the forum manager) has posted some very encouraging statistics in some of the earlier posts.

I am just a small step ahead of you in the process. I had my PET last week and am hoping to start treatment late next week. However there are people here from all points in the treatment process so feel free to ask any and all questions you have.