New News Not Good

So today I went to the pulmonologist to get the results of my ct. And I have Restrictive airway disease and I was prescribed Prednisone. Also the ct report said they found a left-sided superior mediastinal preaortic lymph node measuring 8.5 x 16 and a small lymph node in the right paratracheal region. Whatever the hell this means. So tomorrow I go to my oncologist and see whats next. I'm a little nervous

Hey Ms.P, sorry to read about this. You received ABVD right? I don't know anything about restrictive airway disease or what causes it, but we do know that bleomycin is toxic to the lungs, so I would certainly discuss this with your onc. As for the CT report on the lymph nodes, at the very least it doesn't sound like a recurrence of your HL, since one of the hallmarks of Hodgkin's is an orderly, ipsilateral or contralateral spread from lymph node group to lymph node group. Just remember there are many reasons why a lymph node might swell, many of them lacking the gravity of lymphoma. Get a good night's sleep tonight, no reason to lose any over this scan until you talk to your doc.

Thanks Ross now I wait until Tuesday to see my onc I didn't want to be rushed in and today was a busy day for him so for now I wait.