New NRCT Neurological Relief Center Technique Helped me tremendously

I had pain in my back for 34 years on a scale of 1-10 it was a 9 most of the time. It was so severe it put me in the hospital several times with no relief even with the pain pills. After being tested with this new pain relief test I experienced relief to a pain level of 2 within 10 minutes. The relief test lasted 2 days. I then sought NRCT treatment and it has for the first time kept my pain from 0-3. WOW that is the best control I have had over my pain in 34 years. I recommend anyone with chronic pain of any kind check the website out for a list of doctors who will do the pain relief test for FREEE!! Go To My Doctor is located in Arlington Texas and she also does the Pain relief test for free. I suggest calling her and get tested. her website is


I went to the web site & read about this & some of the testimonials. WOW! It seems amazing! I'm going to look into the possibilityof have this. But the closest one is 53 miles away & with gas prices I'm not so sure I can do that right now. Especially with having no income coming in. Maybe once my husband graduates & is working again it will be a better possibility.

Thanks for posting this so we could get this info.