New On This Site - Always Putting Off

Have suffered with binge eating disorder for 38 years (since a young child). I will do 'okay' and walk in victory for a while, lose some weight, feel positive, exercise.....then all of a sudden I give in once, then twice, then have a full-blown binge. Then the binge turns into one day, then two days then a week, then 2 weeks. Then I've put on weight, feel miserable and the cycle starts all over again. Any help?

hey angelheart, welcome to the site and i hope it'll help you as much as anyone else.

with having dealt with your ED for so long i presume you went through therapy!? did it help? if so what could you take one to help you? if not what went wrong? what support do you have currently?


I have not been through therapy. I see binge eating as a manifestation of my emotional and mental strongholds and struggles. I would like to have an online therapist, but cannot afford to pay anyone. So I'm here to get ideas, tips and support.

oh honey, if you've been struggling with binge eating for so long you definitely need to speak to some professional or at least seek group support. this site is great and it's a good start for you (and anyone) but it's not meant to replace real therapy. of course the exchange of experiences, emotions and thoughts that is happening here is amazing and in my opinion irreplacable but it doesn't give you everything.

in a way we're all in our ED or other mental illnesses because of emotional struggles or maybe life experiences. but only cause it's based on emotions doesn't make it any less important or dangerous.
are you aware of the side effects of binge eating, noth physically and mentally? ahve you ever thought of finding other ways to cope with whatever is upsetting you?

you said you would like tips etc. what do you mainly want to attack? what do you consider your main problem right now?
i hope with more info we'll all be able to work something out for/with you :-)


Welcome to the site! I have to agree with maedi on this have suffered/struggled long enough with this vicious cycle of b/p, its not something you can kick the habit of on your own, otherwise you would not be reaching out for help...while there are tons of tips on the site, you truly do need to seek the advice of a professional therapist who specializes in eating disorders.

Just gotta learn to lean on whoever you can. Try to pay attention and realize what's triggering your binges. A lot of the times it's not even that we really want to eat but rather something is bothering us or we have an emotion we don't know how to deal with and so we turn to food. While I do know that the cycle is vicious I also am very hopeful that it can one day be broken. All you can do until then is be mindful of yourself and take the proper steps to getting better, i.e. talk about it, get a therapist, attend support groups, post your feelings here, etc. etc.

Hope this helped.

being mindful is such an important factor, yet it's one of the things we're trying to avoid with ED. and we're back to the cycle...
but we have to start confronting what so far we've avoided, fears, emotions, experiences. that's the only way out of that cycle!

welcome to support groups


I completely understand your feelings and the spiral of on and off you describe. xx

Thank you all for your comments. They are truly heartfelt and much appreciated. At this time, I cannot afford monetarily to solicit the help of a therapist. So, I am leaning on my faith in Jesus, God's Word, prayer, my best friend (my sister) and this site.

I am on day two of no binging. Praise God!

it is a strong start so just keep taking that help that you can get.
we'll all be here for sure!!


Day two! You're doing awesome. We're all here for you. Remember, if you feel like you have an urge don't forget that there's so many people to help you through it, talk you down.

=) hope today is going well,

Hi Angel,

I related to your post so much! I've been in a downward cycle for months now and am just starting to turn it around. I know how easy it is just give in to the binge day after day. But I know you can do it. One of the tips my therapist gave me is to sit down and figure out when, where, and what emotions trigger my binges.

I look forward to chatting with you as we both recover!

i think using God as an inspiration to move past this is astonishing as i was healed by the grace of God--but he doesnt want you to suffer alone with this. and this site maybe one hell of way to help you---but you do need added help. there are some therapists who take sliding scales --and can be quite affordalbe...i do that i and i get half off her reg price...

i am so happy though you are doing well and leaning on God!



I completely agree Maureen, good advice.

Hope to see you get well,