New test for prostate cancer looks at genetics

more improvements in testing for prostate cancer:

"“Hopes rise for a personalised test for prostate cancer,” according to the Daily Mail. The newspaper says that the blood test routinely used to spot signs of the cancer can be made more accurate if it is used in conjunction with a man’s genetic information.

This news is based on research that looked at improving the predictive power of the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test commonly used to help detect prostate cancer. When used alone the test can be unreliable as PSA levels, which may indicate cancer, can be raised by a number of factors, such as benign prostate growth or medication use. Equally, not all prostate cancer leads to raised PSA levels. Bearing in mind the limitations of the PSA test, the researchers performed a number of genetic analyses to identify mutations linked to high PSA and prostate cancer. They found that combining genetics with PSA results was more accurate than relying on the test alone."

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this is science at its best,

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