New to group

I am new to this group! I am having a hard time tonight getting my breath! I just wanted to talk to somebody that knows how it feels! I have been sick this time for a little over a week! I have lower resp infection and pleurisy! I don't have insurance right now and I have gone to the health department 2 times and they have changed my meds twice! I am having trouble when I eat it is like some of it is going in my lungs and I can't get my breath and I get to coughing and will end up being sick for awhile getting it up!! The past 2 nights have been real bad! I can't lay down and I am a smoker and I am trying to stop!! I am so weak!! I just don't know what to do!! I am not able to work right now and the meds are very costly and I don't think they are working!! I thought I would try this and see what you think I should do!

Hello crystal Ann, first I would like to say welcome to SG. My name is Monica I am sorry for what you are going through. I do understand how you are feeling. I just wanted you to know you are not alone and that I seen your post. Feel free to post whenever you want. Sometime people in the group you post in dont respond so soon but they will. If you want to talk i am here.

Monica5 Thank You! Last night has not been a good night the breathing and pain between my shoulders has not been good! I am sleepy but can't go to sleep and at 5:50am I was going to do my breathing treatment and the machine messed up!! But I had a old one that I can use!! I guess I will have to call the Dr when he gets in this morning! I have to sleep and I have to eat and now when I eat it is like some of it gets caught and I have been coughing up stuff most of the night!! Do you ever have that problem!!! And I have to stop this smoking I want to be back to as close to normal as I can!! My husband is about to worry his self to death and I don't want him to have to worry so much!! I don't want to go in the hospital but that might just be what I have to do and I think God will help me find a way to pay for all this!! Thank You again!! I just wondered what others with COPD go through and I am most of the time a strong person but this time is about to get the best of me!!

Hi I dont smoke, I never have if thats what you are asking. I am sorry, but I dont have COPD. I looked it up to see what it was. hank you for telling your story. i will keep you in my prayers and i hope you be able to get the medical help you need.

God Bless

Thank You Sweet Lady!! I hope you have a blessed day!! And I will keep you in my prayers!!!!!


maybe you can get a nap later!!!!!

Hopefully I will, the baby is sleep now. She was only hungry. So I will take a nap later on, thank you.

I hope you can get some sleep.

so sorry you are so sick--do you have a nebulizer? They always help me when I have a cold--and have had bronchitis and pneumonia several x's and been hospitalized and they always give nebulizer tx when I'm hospitalized-don't risk your life d/t lack of money-are you somewhere that has national health care? Here in US many drug companies will work with you to get lower cost drugs-will keep you in my prayers--Anena