New to looking for help

Hi. My name is Jeff, Ive never done any support group or anything similar. I have been suffering from Agoraphobia for about 3 years and with that obviously comes anxiety and panic attacks. I have an appointment for a new counselor coming up next week and just saw a psychiatrist. I didnt want to go doctors to be told I'm making something up or to get over it (I did not know this was a real disorder) but I was so tired of being scared of leaving my house at the age of 25 that I want to get all the help I can and get over this problem. I used to just think I was a home body and didnt want to go out, after all my girlfriend lived with me. But after I tried visiting my child hood home only 30 miles away I began to panic and the only thing that would calm me and driving back home, and fast. I want to get help for me and my girlfriend, I know she wants to go out on weekends but I can barely do anything, maybe a movie. Anyway I won't keep going its just nice to know you are not alone.

hey and welcome. It is a great step that you accepted you want help etc..

you can change..I used to post all the time a yr or so ago and I am much better now through hard work and days pushing myself to explore outside.. i know enjoy life a lot more
i hope your counselor is a good fit and i rec reading too to understand that it is a learned behavior!!!

that is he good news it can be unlearned!!! :) :) hooray!!!

check out lots of helpful free info there

my name is mike, my wife and i share this account
i am sorry you also have agoraphobia
it is easy to stay home, especialy if you make it
just how you want it
i know, that is what i did
and whats more is the longer you go without going out
the harder it is
i started coming to because of my
agoraphobia. i found more help here than anywhere else so far.
please think of this place as a place tspeak freely as long as
you are not mean. bad days happen, i know
i will add you to my support list, if you need me goto pm user.
but first go to profile settings. if you have set for email it will fill up fast. also do not put phone number out, i did, it went badly.
remember this is a place filled with people who have issues also, and sometimes you and someone may not get along, block them, it saves many a headache.
there are many here who are helpful. in agoraphobia room is an outstanding explanation of agoraphobia.
this is a type of being sick many won't understand. try and give them and yourself a break. this is hard.
i wish you the very best of luck

Thanks for the support. I am begining to explore everything that is available out here. I am also curious if anyone has had any success with medication that helps? I have recently started lexapro and xanax but neither seem to do much. has a few groups too

there is a reg agoraphobia group and a more upbeat one called agoraphobics moving forward!!!!

Thanks for all the support, I have been having success with xanax for the time being and started cognitive behavioral therapy.