New to the board. My niece probably have POF at 15 years ol

New to the board. My niece probably have POF at 15 years old with a FSH at 162. They ruled out all the other disorders, genetics, fragile x, thyroid, and autoimmune. Normal ultrasound with some follicles. Going to see a RE for the first time. Need help and don't know what to do. Don't want her to take HRT or BCP, but trying acupuncture. Devastated, would like for her to have her own biological kids. She such a sweet and humble girl. She's been having poor eating habits for the past three years. Trying to find a therapist for her soon, because she really don't know what's going on until we see the RE. Praying and asking God for a miracle. Please help.

Having her see a therapist is a great idea, doing that really helped me and I would definitely recommend it. I hope she gets some good news when she's sees the doctor, Ill be praying for her too. Hugs

@sunny85, thank you so much, she needs all the prayers. I’m trying to locate a infertility/reproductive therapist, which I’m having a hard time finding one.

Hi! Please talk to the doctor about not taking hormones. Could have life long consequences like dementia, heart attacks and osteoporosis.

@JillwithPOI, I went to two REs and they both told me that she will need hormones until she's 50, and they also said because it's low dose it's not the same risks as someone who's in their 50's and take higher doses. I was hestitate and it too me some time to started her on them, which was just recent on 11/1. I still don't know what to do and if it's the right thing to do. They said it will protect her heart and bones. I'm so overwhelm and confuse - plus very sad, but I pray a lot that this turns around. I have a follow-up visit with one RE next week to go over the additional blood work, which was not good the FSH increase and no AMH. Have you been diagnose with POF? Thanks for your help,

@Faithb2 I also read that like 50% of women can spontaneously ovulate again! So there is hope if she has follicles. (just make sure she is an informed women to know that she could possibly get pregnant when she decided to become sexually active.)

Yes I was diagnosed with POI. You are such a caring aunt! I did a lot of research and I feel 100% that it is the right decision to take the hormones. Because this process is not natural, natural homeopathic remedies can't take the place of what our bodies should be doing. I did read in a endocrinology text book that eating disorders are a cause of this (you mentioned she had poor eating habits).

@jillwithPOI @jillwithPOI, I also thought it could be from her bad eating habits and for her skipping meals when she’s in school, but the RE told me NO, that she probably depleted all her eggs. I hope she overcome this if she’s start eating right and exercise. They seen follicles on her ultrasound about 2 months ago, but the recent test shows AMH 0.00, don’t know what that mean. She also have low vitamin D, high cholesterol, prediabetes, since all the bloodwork. If you have any other information please provide them. Thank you.