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How do I stop shopping? I know its a problem and of course there are deeper issues and like everyone else I have a story but don’t want to get into that now. Yes I know I have to deal with that as well but at this moment I just want to take baby steps. I have done cash budgeting before and it really works for me but I get bored and have so much anxiety from having cash in my home but if its in the bank I spend it. I feel hopeless, I got a bank loan to pay off my credit cards then ended up maxing out two of them again. I really really need help!

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Hello @Beccalynn89 and welcome to our community!

Thank you for sharing about your experience with shopping. Something that many professionals might have their patients do is to have a journal to keep track of triggers that might be compelling you to spend money. For example, if something stressful happens at work that makes you want to buy something, it is beneficial to write that down so that you can identify moments that trigger the need to spend. We hope this helps as a starting point for you. We are here to help and support you. Love, SG

Hi when your ready to get some help maybe calling a therapist might be a good start to see if there is another issue that might make you have that urge to spend too much.

Maybe like you said its another emotion thats coming up and its hiding behind the spending.

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