New to the group

Hello! I am new to this group after having joined a group 2 years ago. I am currently a senior in college (21 yoa) and have been struggling with b/p for the past 2 and a half years. It really took a turn for the worst this past year when I gained almost 20-30 pounds from all of the binging I was doing.

I have decided enough is enough and wanted to find support from people struggling with the same thing. I'm excited to finally reach out and talk about my problem.

Welcome Smiley! We're all here to help you :) Keep posting!

Paige xoxo

Thanks Paige! :) I have found this site so uplifting already in the first day, reading everyone's stories makes me feel not alone. I read your story too and think it's so great you have such a wonderful bf! He sounds amazing!!! :)

I just discovered mypyramid online and have found that this site really helps me to see everything I'm eating so I don't obsess about it. Yay, there is a light to this tunnel!

smileyface243 .... Welcome to :)

I hope you find the strength you need here and within you.

Oh, thanks for the tip about I hadn't known about that site. Thanks. :)

So today I definitely had a binge day. I saw some pictures on facebook of my old ex and his new flame and I think that's what spurred the cookie at the bank/peanut butter sandwich before leaving/stopping at bk and getting two junior whoppers and an oreo chocolate shake. I haven't purged yet though and I don't think I will but I feel MISERABLE! Why do I let my emotions get the best of me?! :(