New to the site stumbled on it attempting to find a local su

new to the site stumbled on it attempting to find a local support group in the area but to no avail. but this is a good find..anyway MDD, ADHD, social Aniexty disorder. insomnia tonight due to erratic sleeping habbits developed with the Depression...easier to function at night with nobody present....had the disorder undiagnosed for prob 25 years (depression) and just figured that this is how life is supposed to be...until dec 2014 coming way too dangerously close to suicide...on meds now...not feeling any emotions anymore...totally isolated myself still but still less painful than being around people. feels like life is severely falling apart 1 step forward 1 and a half back to be optimistic ....employment impossible...was self employed since 2000...sometimes I feel like I could deal better having a terminal disease than this rubiks cube in my head of emotions...I have a great support group of family...helping me to get by day to day. always truly thought that depression was normal until I slipped sooooo far

It can go like this and go in waves. Sometimes we have the ride the wave until we get out of it. Glad you are on meds. Make sure you go to your local behavioral clinic when you need help with your meds. I am here for you any time.

@got2byou trying mo groups in the area exhausting my resources with the va other than the hotline using this site as an journal for my disibity and outcome I am in great denial and loss of intrest in life I wish the movie would just stop sometimes

good advice its hard on the meds