New to this page and seem to have deleted my previous post

New to this page and seem to have deleted my previous post. One year later after discovery day, haven't successfully moved on. My husband's family lives in another country and that is where the other woman is, it is almost like he has two lives. I have so resolved to cope, I am struggling to find the way to survive. He feels because he has been upfront about the affair and his intentions to continue it, I really should not have a problem. It is shocking that there is very little that one can legally do when stuck in this situation.

So he plans on continuing the affair? Do you plan to stay in that relationship?

I have come to terms with the facts, he has been a lousy person and disrespectful, it took a long time for that to sink in and accept that. Oddly the affair was easier to accept in some ways. It has taken a long time to believe that he was really capable of behaving so selfishly and carelessly. I don't plan on staying in the relationship but need that final push to get out the door.

Where do you live Joan? Typically, you can divorce and be entitled to half of assets and spousal support and/or child support.

Is it any wonder you're not 'moved on'? He's told you to accept it, or not. You clearly don't accept it, but won't remove yourself from the situation.

Go see an attorney. They offer free consults. That will help you get out the door.

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Unfortunately I am the one who will likely have to pay support. We don't have children. I have been supporting our household for the past few years as work has been sporadic for him. I have to get over feeling bitter about having to give him a prize for behaving badly.

Definitely talk to a lawyer, his behavior is disgusting and all while you are supporting him???? Come on! Kick his *** to the curb ASAP!

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