New to This

Just stumbled on to this group and am hoping that it will give me some insite into my husband's disease. We have been through this before, but for some reason, this time his hospitalization is unerving me. I'm feeling very insecure and don't want to.....I've always been his biggest supporter, have worked with him to feel more stable, etc. but this time, I don't know what to do to support him and help him. Should I ask or should I keep quiet so as not to give him one more worry? He has had depression, Anxiety, bipolar, and PTSD, which we continue to work through, now, with the new diagnosis, new meds, and new hospital setting, I don't know what is the right and wrong thing to say or do. I love him so much and he's a very kind and gentle person, why am I doubting myself and our relationship now?

I often wonder if my wife thinks the same things and has doubts. I do realize that it must be extremely frustrating to deal with and love someone who is schizophrenic. I wish I had some answers, but I'm on the other side of the coin. My schizophrenia causes stress for a lot of people, but I never have bad intentions.

Only you can tell whether you want to stay in the relationship or not. But you say your husband is very kind and gentle. Hopefully you can continue to support him, given that, as previous schizophrenic poster said, if your husband is causing stress to you, this is not his fault.

(From the husband of a schizophrenic wife who has been very kind and done a lot for the kids, but also has called the police on me, threatened me, screamed at me in public, and not infrequently in the latter years abused me and the kids ;) )

I can only speak form my own thinking and my life. But I only have one support person I can count on in my life and it is not even family. Between what I ahve done with them and they have done with me, I ahve alienated myself from them and it worked. I have done the same with my so called friends, but the sad part is it only worked after they all found out I was nuts. I have no one to turn to that I should be able to. In my case, this one friend of knew me for about a year and with some stuff I dealt with he told me I needed to talk to someone (therapist) about what I was facing. He is the one that told me to basically get help, that at the time I thought I was fine and did not need it. But was way wrong. Ok due to that I listen to pretty much everything he tells me. Some things I agree with other things I do not. But feel open to say so one way or another. But he is not one to sugar coat anything and will tell me what he thinks whether I like it or not. With your husband you should know him well enough to be able to be open with him on your concerns let alone his own. Do not let communication come between you due to this illness. In my opinion if you are honest it may be very difficult but as with me I feel this person never is talking behind my back nor is he judging me. Due to he is honest right to my face. You husband I am sure has worse times than others, and I understand how hard it is for you too, but if you try to ignore any problems they never go away, but just get larger and no one says anything, which jsut adds to the problems. Face what ever it is head on.
Ok that was my opinion mind you and this friend of mine has told me I am not like many others, so not sure if this is the best advice. But think it thru. and hope it all works out in the end.