New to this

Hello everyone, this is my first time reaching out to people. I have a gambling problem and it has ruined my life. I understand this is the first step I had to make. Now how do I get over what I have lost? Thanks

new to this site also....compulsive gambler.....just lost all my cash...again....need some help, please

Were you not born naked? flip a penny 1000 times and try to will it to land heads or land tails more than 50 percent. It will end up landing exactly 500 time on heads and 500 time on tails.

Darin, If you mediate on what you lost. You will be compelled to try to win it back. The odds are against us. You are going to have to let it go! Pure and simply. Take a stand. Commit to not lossing another dollar. Whats gone is gone. I am new to this site. However, I am a gambler. Won big and lost bigger. I ruined my credit, put myself in situations where I could barely pay my bills. I even had my family thinking I was doing something strange. They just didnt know exactly what It was. I was behaving exactly like a drug addict. With the exception that I dont do drugs.

I really want my life back. I am going to get my life back one day at a time. Please commit to a support group close to home and find a sponsor. Not being able to talk to someone about our problem keeps us sick. When you feel the need to gamble talk to a support memeber/sponsor. Jump on this site and read the horror stories. Keep a log of the way you feel when you loose it all. Read it daily. Take all measures necessary to just not do it.

When you get paid paid your bills immediately. Online if possible. Hand your finances over to someone you trust until your stong enough to handle things on your own. Isuffered so much this year. I declare it to be over. I didnt notice what was happening at first. When I realized what it was and what I was doing. It scared the hell out of me. I couldnt believe me of all people would fall victim to such a sickness. Now my focus..Accepting where Im at. Accepting what I did.(lost thousands this year! Many thousands). Doing whatever it takes to make sure I dont give the devil another cent of my money. Getting back to a quality life is not easy by no means. But being a gambler is harder. I using every resource available to me. My church, etc. Good luck and keep us posted.

Thanks for your support. I will find a GA meeting in my hometown. Thanks again

Hi Octeach, Thank you for the book recommendations. I am still really new at this. I have a lot of experiences and a lot of crazy stories regarding my gambling. However, I am new to the recovery process. So I am open to any literature that will help me. I will go out and try to locate the book.

Thanks Again,