I have been looking at this page for awhile not sure what to write or do. I feel so lost at the point to where it doesnt matter if anyone reads this. i dont know if this site is a scam or if it can help. From what i have been seeing on this site i surely hope i can finaly get some help. I found this site on google i was looking for a support group in my area and this site came up. I have never tried a support group before buthave told many times to find one. so we will see if this works. My typing sucks so sorry for that i am not good at expressing myself but allot ofnice what I hvae read on here i share the same feelings. any advice on how to get the most out this site will nice. but understand if no one responds to this post it feels like a long shot i been living with false hopes and failures all my life i am use to be being invisible. this is really hard for me and know i am rambling on sorry...

Kooth, I understand how joining a support group can seem stressfull but once you get to know people and they get to know you, it does help. It's been a long time, and I am new to this service, but I have done the online support groups before, I have a lot of good friends from these groups and I have learned a lot over the years. The point I am trying to get at is that it takes time but it does work. A lot of times when I post I just post like I was writing in a journal. Sometimes it helps sometimes it don't and you erase everything you typed but you will find your knack as time moves forward.

i understand how you feel. i have just signed up myself.
i think that not knowing what to say is normal. i know i never know where to start.
don’t give up. i don’t yet know what the members on this are like, but another site i was once on was really great. i’ll talk to you any time.


Kooth, dont worry about your typing, its fine :) i found this site for issues of my own. and i am more than pleased here. once you find theanswers you seek, youll also find yourself assisting other people with their own problems. which ive foudn myself doing. and ive only been a part of this site for maybe 3 days now. if i can be of any assistance in any way shape or form, by all means let me know.

Welcome to the site, how have you been feeling since posting?

Hi Kooth,
Like you, I am new to the site, my typing sucks and I don't know where to begin. My goal for joining is to find friends to share feelings. My basic symptoms are depression, and lack of sleep. Drugs appear to screw with my brain function, so I have tried many different anti depressants. Should I be starting a discussion group to get more specific interaction? Maybe we can help each other.

I have not been sleeping to well lately. Headaches suck trying to take an anger mangement, sorry anger resolutin class through a local chruch program class I dont know if i will keep going I dont do well in public places or crowds. I think one of my goals with this site is to learn how to open up and not bottle everything. I feel so alone right now I cant rid of it, it keeps growing. this is hard I have never done this type of support stuff before i usually just hide or fake how i feel around others. I lost who i was and just wan to find myself again or even just be different then want i have become. i hate everything about me


First of all welcome .
I totaly understand how you feel , I mean besides all the problems I have I can relate to you, I suck talking to people in public, and since nobody here were I live understands what I’m going thru I keep everything bottled inside, I fake my emotions since people around me don’t even bother to talk to me, and I’m completely alone most of the time, but I’ll tell you something this support group has really been helping me, and Happy that I am at least getting some support now because I wouldn’t know how long I could keep being the way I was before.

So if you ever need someone to talk to, I’m right here.

         Sincerely: C.M.R

Kooth, Online groups are a great start to figuring out your problems and getting support, but don't let them take place of what the outside world can offer. For a long time I did that and what ended up happening is I felt more alone because I was cooped up in my house all day. And like you I am good at putting up that outside picture. My last therapy meeting my therapist told me I looked happy and I haven't been happy in a long time. I have happy moments but not what she was talking about. At some point both of us are going to have to let that wall down so that we can get some help. I hope it helps at least to know your not alone.

Well said violet,well said

Hello everyone on here. I too feel the same as most of you. Ever since July 4th of 2010 which was just 6 months ago, my world has been knocked over and kicked around. Everything I had planned for the future has been burned to dust. I, unlike you guys, dont seem to have a problem hiding my feelings. Therefore I seem like a hateful, miserable person to everyone. I just can't hide the fact that I am unhappy. I am not even working right now cause you can't do hair while being miserable and making your clients feel that way too. I am hurt and betrayed by the one guy I had truly opened myself up to, and in turn he ruined me, finacially and emotioanlly. I have nothing left that I had before exceot for my immediate family, but no one quite understands how I feel, nor do I think they really want to. I just want to talk to some people who truley undestand how I feel and why I feel this way.
Well thanks for listening to my ranting.

I am new as well, but the times I have posted their are alot of supportive people here. And I two worry about it being a scam, or fake people, I trust no one and am scared also...but I think cause I dont have to talk face to face and nobody knows where I live its okay...but its not always gonna be okay to shelter yourself. I have 3 kids and am happily married and scared of the world, but their is good people out their, just hope they all are good here! Hope to see more posts from you...if nothing else just type out your feelings for now, you dont even have to look at what anyone posts back. And when you feel more comfortable you can read what others say and what advice they give...just a thought! Hope this site helps you and leads you in a right path of life...we all need it or we wouldnt be on here! Good luck in all you do! Hope to talk more!!

Welcome ALL of you, I admire all of you for taking the steps to talk here & start thinking things through, please be patient w/yourselves as you will in time start to figureout answers within & reasons why one surrounds themselves w/certain type of people or certain situations.

Its like trying to troubleshoot an engine, you find one thing broke & it leads to something else, so go easy friends.

Take care of you.


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