Hi everyone, Ive been looking for some online support to help me in my recovery from anorexia and this place seems great for that. Everyone here seems really hopeful and encouraging and I hope that I can both gain and contribute to some of this! A little bit about me: Im 23 and have been struggling, to varying degrees, with anorexia for the past 10 years. I have thankfully only been hospitalized once although have not returned to my natural weight and, hence, have not menstruated over this course of time. I have been through multiple types of councelling, therapy and other treatments. Most have been helpful, but the effects have not been long term and over time I usually 'slip back' into old, bad habits and find myself nearly back at the beginning again. Over the past year,though, a number of events and changes in my life have made me come to the realisation that I dont have to live my life in this "two steps forward, three steps back" kind of pattern and that if I choose to, I can be FREE of this and happy. And now, after 10 years, this is what I want. I want to be normal, I want to be healthy and most of all I want to be happy. And thats partly why I am here. I have set up a support network including a councellour, a close friend, a dietician, my doctor and my parents who will be helping and monitoring/holding me accountable to my progress. In the past year I have also come into a personal relationship with God which I believe will, ultimately be my source of strength and courage. At this stage I am full of optimism and determination about my recovery, although have not yet started putting on weight. It is when the weight starts to come on that I find myself really struggling. I have not had the face this yet, and I guess I am hoping that this site will provide an avenue to express myself during these difficult times and hopefully gain some help and tips as to how to get through this.
Anyway, I realise this is actually quite a long introduction and I hope you arent asleep yet, but basically just wanted to say Hi and thanks for having me here!

Simone :-)


Welcome to Support Groups! :) Your introduction wasn't too long at all! It's great to get to know you a little bit. :)

This is a very supportive, pro-recovery site. Here you will find lots of compassionate supporters that understand what you're going through. Everyone has a different story, but there are similarities woven through each person's experience. You are NOT alone in this journey! ♥

I've been in recovery for a year now. I suffered from binge eating disorder for about 13 years, followed by three years of annorexia. I am currently weight restored and receiving outpatient treatment.

Please keep sharing! You CAN recover from this! And you deserve to live a life of freedom! ♥

Much love,


Thanks heaps Jen, thats really encouraging!

I can really relate to you- I am 22 and have been struggling with anorexia for 9 years since age 13- welcome to! Posting on this site is a great way to work through the blocks that are keeping you from gaining weight because we can understand and relate!

Thanks heaps, yeah I will continue to post on this site, already Im really encouraged and am glad to have found someone in a similar position to me. If you dont mind me asking, at what stage in your recovery are you? Are you seeing a therapist or anything like that? Just curious :slight_smile:

I was in and out of treatment centers from ages 14 to 21 but currently I am living on my own and I've been out of my last treatment center for over a year and I'm doing well now- treatment is definately necessary sometimes, but I was at the point where at my last few treatment centers they all told me that I was relying on treatment too much and needed to just become independent and so far that is what has worked for me but it's different for different people probably. Currently I'm not seeing a therapist but I haven't totally ruled it out- I've seen tons in the past and they can be helpful, but I guess right now I'm enjoying the free therapy from this website haha!

:slight_smile: glad to hear you’re doing well and not needing therapy at the moment. I look forward to the day when I am completely free of this myself and no longer need councelling to deal with issues around food, weight and eating (because they won’t be issues anymore!). Keep in touch, would love to hear how you’re doing and getting on. Also, what do you do? Are you studying? Working etc?

Right now I'm just focusing on recovery and catching up on school- all of my old high school friends graduated this past may but I only have 68 credits so I still have a ways to go. I'm finishing up my summer courses and am getting ready for full load in the fall starting in a few weeks. Are you in school or working right now?

Oh OK, I am at university now, I think it probably works very differently over here in New Zealand. Im in my 4th year at uni studying a degree in social policy. I have about year and a half to go before I graduate with my honors degree. Yay! I also work part time in a clothing store to pay the rent etc, but thats only two days a week

That's great! I'm currently trying to figure out what I want to do! I put my major as psychology just because I had to put something, and I think I might be good at it, but I'm not certain that that is what I want to be yet.

Oh psychology? I did that in my undergraduate degree, its very very interesting, I really enjoyed it!

Yeah I've already taken general psych, abnormal psych, and a few other psych classes and I LOVED them- I also like sociology classes- I'm just not sure if I can handle being a counselor/psychologist though- I think I'd be good at it but I know that it would also be really tough.

Hey Simone I just want to say welcome! This is definitely a great place to vent and share, it's helped me tremendously! Everyone here is so sweet and understanding you'll love it :)


Hi there Simone! First of all congratulations!! I'm so proud of you for making this step. Secondly welcome :)
I'm here if you need any help :)

Thanks! I read your introduction post too, I can very much relate to the “having been hospitlised once but still not fully recovered” state that you’re in. Its awesome that you’re boyrfiend is right alongside you, helping you to recover. Have you thought about seeing someone like a councellour or a therapist? From my experience, they can work wonders and reallyREALLY CAN help you get better. Hope you find this site as helpful as I have, the support here is amazing :slight_smile:

Thanks so much :) I do still see a counselor but not very often. She still helps though :) I find I'm at a state where when I write things out, I can figure out what's right and wrong for myself.
The only thing that really helps about my counselor is that there's a I can see if I've gained/dropped/maintained. We don't own one at home.

I'm glad to hear you're doing well too :)
What are your interests?

Wow, it sounds like you're in a really good place right now. Thats awesome! Ive seen some of your posts and you're really positive and encouraging, its great that you have joined, it has certainly made me smile :-)

My interests? Well most of my time is consumed with university work. Im doing my post-graduate degree in social policy and its quite time consuming. Otherwise I really enjoy reading, hanging out with my friends and family (especially because I dont see them that often at the moment), church, going to the gym (yes I actually ENJOY it, its not something that I did to keep my weight down) and I LOVE travelling when I get the chance. Oh and I also LOVE to shop, something that I also dont get to do much because I am a student and also flatting away from home so money is quite tight.

I think thats awesome that you're into karate, I would love to learn a new sport or something like that. Before all this started with the ED I used to be a competative swimmer. I loved it so much, it was my life. I had dreams of going to the 2004 Olympics and everything, I was so so passionate about it. I also really enjoyed drama and was involved in quite a few plays and productions etc. It's funny though, I rarely experience the passion I had for those things with anything anymore. I suppose thats not funny, its actually quite sad. Im hoping that I will be able to find that same passion for life again on the journey of recovery.

PS: Just a question, have you reached your healthy weight yet? You dont have to answer, or tell me what that is, Im just curious :-)