Hi everyone.. I am a new member to the website and really don't know what to think. I just hope to gain support and hearing about others with similar problems I feel would help so.. here it is.
I am 20, soon to be 21. I have had an eating disorder since 10th grade- 15 years old. I am in college now and unfortunetly ED came with me. Stresses with school make dealing with ED tough but school is too important for me to leave it behind. I do well in school, A's and B's. I recently came home for my Christmas break and things at home are not going well at all. Its day 4 and I have already been crying for two days. My dad works very hard (too hard, in fact I hate his job to the point I wish he would get fired) and it stresses him out WAY too much. When we try to talk about ED, he freaks, he doesn't get it and thinks that I should just wake up one day and never binge again. My step mom is usually supportive of the situation, coming to appointments with me and such. But this time when I came home she was just soo stressed with the holidays I got left in the dust. My dad's house is very small, and my since my mom is going through a divorce (my biological parents were both divorced and remarried) my sister is moving back in to my dads house with me. My step mom is freaking out about it. I finally just got my own room last summer at my dads house. Right now they are doing some renovations, so my room isn't available just yet. We are fighting because I still do not have a bed to sleep in (even though my parents have had 4 weeks since thanksgiving to get one) and the air mattress sucks and I dont sleep well. Pretty much everything is in an uproar and it has been for WAY too long now. No one understands how this is effecting me stress wise. Its hard enough packing a months worth of stuff to come home from college, but now everything at home is a mess and my parents wont respect my boundaries. Yesterday literatly everything I did went wrong, even though I was just doing things to help my parents. At dinner my step mom started getting on me about my sister moving in, and I just lost it. I started crying because there is just soo much stress and tension in the house that I don't even want to be home, even though I have been looking forward to it for a month now. I'm fighting with my dad and step mom and HATE it. I'm going to be going to grad school this coming august, and I dont want to be fighting with my parents when Im going to be leaving so soon (months go really fast now). Any help on how to communicate with your parents when coming home from college and about ED?

Hello, and welcome to Support Groups :)
When you say your parents wont respect your boundaries, are you saying that in respect to your 'food rules' or just in general?