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Hi All: I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia last January after suffering for many years with unexplained wide spread body pain, disturbed sleep, fatigue, bad memory, chronic migraines, which all would have period that would have greater intensity with changes, would be affected by changes in the weather, stress. All of this was a long drawn out process of elimination which I thought would take a life time. I was also diagnosed with erosive osteoarthritis this summer. The arthritis literally eats the cartilage out on my fingers, low back, and knees, leaving bone rubbing on bone. Right now my hands are the greatest affected, making my fingers painful and twist and swell into strange positions.

I also have two back injuries, a broken back stemming from child abuse at an early age and another from a slip and fall back in 2000. So and in all, I an left with a lot of pain and a pain management doctor that refuses to give me anything for pain. So my regular doctor is trying to find me a fibromyalgia doctor in my area in hopes of getting my pain under control. Especially now since I am right in the midst of a Fibromyalgia flare that is making me miserable and painful. I am on a round of steroids in hopes of quieting the flare and easing my pain for now. So with the support of my small family of my husband of 18 years, 18 year old daughter and great aunt, I am getting through each day one step at a time.

I admire anyone with Fibro. My mom has dealt with it the last 10 years of her life. She can no longer work due to her chronic pain. The fact that you make it through each day is a blessing ♥

I've had fibro for 8 years and over the past 3 years I've been looking for natural options and have found tremendous relief. The first thing I would recommend is get connected to a good chiropractor who is dedicated to nutritional counceling (most of them can but not all do). When I started taking a good quality antioxident my muscle tension and pain improved dramatically. (Up to this point nothing I tried gave me tremendous relief). Antioxidants reduce inflammation. Much of the pain experienced from fibro, arthritis, and chronic back pain (as well as many other conditions) stem from inflammation. Don't settle for store bought antioxident products. They are not powerful enough. You need products like grape seed extract from Usana or Metagenics, or liquid fruit juices like MonaVie or Ninja Red. It's important to take whatever you choose for at the very least for 3 months. It takes your cells 90 days to turn over so 3 months will give your body time to fight the oxidative stress built up in your body. You will need further nutritional counceling so seek advice, but after 3 months of nutrition and exercise I was able to get off all my medications. This may not relieve all the pain but everyone I know who has tried it has seen definite improvement.

hello again fibro relief quest, I keep bumping into you.

I love your stuff its really helpful and practical.

Its really sad to hear about your situation shannond. I hope I can refer you to my early post today to Garth under " is fibro real". in there I detail how I went from not being able to walk, to now, walking again.

I know it sounds dramatic, however there are caveats, but my life is so much better, but not fibro free.

I still cant do my swimming and tai chi which i loved, but i can carry shopping a lot more and walk around town for ages now, but after 2-3 weeks of intensives (walking is still intensvie) I'm back on the fibro wagon and have to check in for trigger point therapy.(i do it myself so no bills from therapists)

all the best chuck

hope you are finding fibro reliefs quests stuff helpful as i am.